Decorating a Cozy Christmas Bedroom


The Family Bed!

When my youngest was 8, I had a bit of a struggle getting her to sleep in her own bed.

The week would start and slowly she’d weasel her way into my room bringing a stuffed animal or three each night. Within a few days, I’d have a good dozen stuffed toys, a couple of books, a Nintendo, permanent markers, three fuzzy blankets, a bag of chips and a half eaten sandwich in there with me.

The fact of the matter was simple, my cozy bed with me in it, gave her far more comfort than being alone.

Every now and then, I’d gather all of her things and put them back in her room where we’d start the process all over again.

Eventually, she found comfort in her own bed and I was left to stretch out like a starfish in mine. That is, unless there was a hockey game on! In that case, my son would throw his gangly body onto the bottom of the bed where he’d stay up well past his bedtime to catch a little hockey action from my room.

I liked those nights.

Other nights, my oldest would find her way to my room…usually if she wasn’t feeling so great or had something on her mind. Eventually, myself or the dog would begin to snore and she’d head back to her own room in disgust!

Now, on the very best nights of all when all kids are home under the same roof at night, one will pop in for a visit and a chat and then call for another to come…and another…until all four of us and our noble beast are curled up chatting and laughing into the wee hours.

The Countdown is On!

There is nothing I like more than all three of my children being home. This year, for the first time ever in my 48 years on earth, I’m more excited about the holidays than ever before.

In 30 days, Spiderman arrives home from university and the next day, The Tall Blonde and her boyfriend fly in.

Family, to me, is absolutely everything and with only Bones and I living in the house, I have missed the hustle and bustle of a busy household. I cannot wait to have them all back home. The icing on our Christmas fruitcake…for the first time in many, many years, my brother and his wife will be spending the holidays with us as well.

I want nothing from my children but time. Time spent together to do the things we enjoy doing…a few laughs over a board game, curled up on the couch chatting with friends, a bit of shopping or a meal in one of our favourite restaurants. I’m just looking forward to spending a bit of time with them and having us all together under one roof..while it’s only been a few months, it truly feels like it has been forever.

And yes…I’m hoping that one crazy night over the holidays, someone will get the bright idea to curl up in bed with mom…then call out to their siblings to join us.

Making things Cozy

To make it more enticing for them, I turned my bed into the coziest spot imaginable!

room7 room2  room-23

After years of wanting one, I finally invested in a Royal Velvet Overfilled Duvet for my bed and added a crisp white cover…I’m thrilled with the look! The duvet itself is perfectly stuffed and feels like sleeping underneath a cloud!

To add to the “Christmas” look and to keep it exceptionally cozy, I purchased a set of fabulous “Whole Home” snowflake flannel sheets that are everything you’d imagine they’d be! When the holidays are over, I’ll keep the look but remove the holiday decor and switch to a set of dark grey sheets. And, knowing I’d stick with grey when the season is over, I added a set of grey linen throw pillows to add another texture to the entire look.


To Christmafy the room, I picked up a small tree and added battery-powered lights that are absolutely sweet at night. I included a shiny owl candle, a fabulous deer antler ornament to hang from my nightstand, a wooden star from the Debbie Travis collection, and a beautiful red glass ball.

The prints…well, I went looking on Etsy to find something to pull together the green foliage of the tree, the browns in my furniture and wall colour, and the red from the wee tiny hearts in the flannel sheets. For starters, I found the illustration, Pine Branch and Acorns, and absolutely loved it…so, I purchased it and downloaded the file. Then, I went on to search for a Christmas quote and when I couldn’t find one…I remembered I’m a Graphic Designer and made one myself. The “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” print (with the red heart dotted “i”) is now available for purchase in my Etsy store! For both prints, I brought them to a local printer where I printed them on card stock…then framed and hung them over my bed side tables. I’m super pleased with how it all turned out!

If you’d like a copy of the “Sleep in Heavenly Peace” print…you can purchase it by clicking HERE.

room11 room21  room12

My favourite part of the entire look is definitely my Dad’s childhood sled. Made by his Grandfather Foley in 1947, the sled has been used by a great number of children through the years! At one point, the sled had both a back and sides but now, it’s simply perfect to use as a tea-tray…if only I could convince my children to bring me a cup of tea in bed!

Under the sled is the softest, warmest, coziest, faux-fur blanket imaginable!


Originally, I went our to do a little Christmas shopping for my family and came out with all of the makings for a fabulous Christmas Bed for MYSELF! But, with momma getting a good night’s sleep…surely that’s a Christmas Gift for all!

My wish for all of you this upcoming holiday season is simple…time with family…and heavenly peace.

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7 Replies to “Decorating a Cozy Christmas Bedroom”

  1. I smell a pajama party! Can we have our next tweetup in your big comfy bed? I’ll admit I think I’d just plan to hunker down for the entire winter in there. Love the snowflake sheets and the wall art!

  2. This is such a cozy space! I love your Dad’s sled. How amazing!

    I love those sheets, so much! Hmm. I might have to swing by Sears and pick some up. I love the grey. They are festive, but also simply wintry.

    I love the prints you made and think yours, in particular, would be sweet in a December baby’s room.

  3. I love this post…and the room! Very cozy and inviting….I hope you have a beautiful holiday….sounds like you will. 🙂