I went #BlackFriday shopping at Best Buy and you can too! – $100 Best Buy #Giveaway

I went to the Black Friday sales at Best Buy today…and I ALMOST BOUGHT A CAT! 

OK, to be perfectly clear, they aren’t really selling cats at Best Buy unless of course you count “Zoomer the Interactive Kitty Robot.”


BUT, I did spend quite a bit of time checking out the iRobot Vacuum Cleaning Robots (on sale for $349 from $549) and was quite intrigued with the thought of having a vacuum robot going around my house picking up all of the dog fur.


And then I got to thinking about cat videos (as sometimes happens) and I remembered how much I really enjoy watching cats riding on robot vacuums (especially wearing costumes) and how it would be awesome to have a  cat-riding robot vacuum at home.

Except I don’t have a cat.

And for a bit…I was actually contemplating getting one!

It was around that time that I started to have a little hot flash, but as luck would have it, I was standing directly next to the “magical menopause machines” so I took a little break from all of my thinking and cooled down.


I really have ZERO idea how much these fancy fans cost but believe me, it hardly mattered at that very moment so it’s likely worth whatever price they say. Not only did it completely cool me down…but it stopped me from buying a cat!

Throughout the store, there were deals GALORE! In fact, I could almost be so bold as to say JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING in the store seemed to be discounted but there were definitely some things that were better than others.

Dennis, the blue-shirted manger who was showing me around and taking me on a little “shopping spree,” told me that this weekend is the PERFECT time to purchase a TV as the sales were rather fantastic.

So, I bought this Samsung 32″ Smart TV for my bedroom!


YUP, I spent a few hours in Best Buy this morning and TOTALLY shopped for myself!

In fairness, I did LOOK at things I thought the kids might like.

For example, I spent a bit of time gathered around all of the other cool kids as we checked out the demo on this absolutely amazing Philips DJ Mixer and Bluetooth Speaker!


It was loud, colourful and tall (standing from floor to my hip) AND, it had this fabulous price tag of $229 which is FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS OFF! Honestly, it was pretty cool and it got me thinking that if I bought this fancy speaker, then my son might move home from university just so he could live in my house and play his music too loud in the garage and have all of his friends over.

And…well…that thought kind of went by the wayside the same way the “buying a cat” thought did!

I’m telling you…this thing was LOUD!!

I DID however spend a bit of time investigating Drones.

Now these things are cool!


Running anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, there are quite a few drones on sale throughout Black Friday, Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday. They are, for sure, the MUST HAVE technology for the season.

I considered it, I really did, and it’s possible I’ll get one at some point in the future as my blogging could get quite a bit fancier with one of these flying cameras!

BUT, timing didn’t seem quite right and besides, I was already interested in buying the TV and didn’t want to go too crazy!

Continuing with cameras, there were multiple sales on just about every brand name. I’m a Canon user myself, and really was quite amazed by the prices. If you’re in the market for one…head into Best Buy for a great deal!


I’m not in the market for a camera at this time, but I did pick up a pretty good tripod for $34.99 so watch out for some fancy camera shots coming to the blog soon!

Also on the camera end of things, the Instax Cameras were on sale for $69.99 which is a $30 savings and quite likely on a number of holiday lists this year for folks of all ages!


I don’t have an Instax camera but I DO have a Fujifilm Instax Printer (also available at Best Buy) that connects wirelessly to my cellphone and I absolutely love it!! It’s really super fun to print photos directly from my phone!

Another cool and interesting technology I was rather taken with were the various home devices. For example, there were a number of smart locks and video doorbells to choose from with varying options. But essentially, I could be in my office and see who is at the door without actually having to go upstairs! There were some devices where you could unlock your door remotely to let people into your home. Other devices that allowed you to have a camera in your home so you could see what you’re missing while you’re away…like THE DOG!!!

Or the cat riding the robot vacuum!!


There were also these these LIGHTBULBS that changed colours depending on the mood in the home or the music being played and WiFi thermostats that base the temperature of your home on your coming and going habits so you aren’t wasting electricity!

I’ll admit, I was rather overwhelmed with the numerous devices you could have in your home so I took a mirror selfie in a Margaritaville Blender!!



I asked a LOT of questions about the latest and most exciting technology available and Dennis and the staff at Best Buy were happy to answer each and every one. Sales were plentiful, so if your holiday shopping list includes tech, mobile, home entertainment, kitchen essentials, audio and wearables this year…visit you nearest Best Buy for Black Friday weekend or check out the deals on BestBuy.ca on Cyber Monday.


To help with your holiday shopping, Best Buy is giving one lucky Canadian reader at Curtains are Open, the opportunity to win a $100 gift card. Simply fill in the information below to be entered into the draw!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Best Buy Canada. As always, opinions and stories are my own.

67 Replies to “I went #BlackFriday shopping at Best Buy and you can too! – $100 Best Buy #Giveaway”

    • That would be awesome! There are lots of laptops at Best Buy…plus they have the Geek Squad and those guys are fabulous.

  1. I would love one of those robot vacuums as well! I have the same problem Colleen the dog fur. Lol Wouldn’t trade him though he’s worth all the cleaning up of his fur.

  2. i do like the Ring Video Doorbell. this way i can talk to who ever is at the door when i’m with the baby instead of walking up to the door

  3. I’d love to get a Ring Video doorbell so I can scare the kids….er keep an eye on who comes to my door!

  4. Best Buy has some amazing deals! As I prepare to get married in June I would really like to pick up a tablet so that I can carry all the wedding information with me in my purse! It would save me from having to carry my laptop around!

  5. One of those tech kitties are on my list for my son! He has been asking for one. 🙂 Thanks!

  6. I am really interested in the new Philips Hue A19 Smart Personal Wireless Light Bulb Starter Kit! Colors to change the mood & feel of your living room is such a cool, innovative idea!

  7. Not for me, but I would LOVE to get F a Polaroid this year! We “borrowed” one for my time as a Bodega Ambassador and he just had so much fun taking photos with it last year, I think he needs one of his very own. 🙂

  8. The tech gadget that is on my wish list for Christmas this year is a drone equipped with a camera for taking aerial photographs.
    I would also like to get a FitBit.

  9. In a dream world I would put it towards a new laptop.
    Mine hit the biscuit and I can’t afford new one.

  10. I would love a new laptop, as mine is getting old and sometimes is louder then the TV.

  11. I would love that Margaritaville Blender!It sounds fantastic.I would also like to get a Samsung TV and a FixIT Stick for my computer.Best Buy has so many awesome products.Wow!! 🙂

  12. I have been eyeing the new Surface Pro 4 for a while. I would love to get my hands on one in the next little bit. Hoping for some GCs this Christmas so I can get one.

  13. Would really love a new fitbit. I had an old one that broke and I tried to replace it with one of many apps available — just not the same!

  14. Love that new Instax camera and I need to look into the printers – printing from my phone would be SO convenient!