Mixing a Little New with a Little Old…my Dining Room Makeover

My Dining Room has always been a bit of an afterthought. It’s part of my Living Room…so it needs to be there, but we don’t really use it very often and for the most part, the table tends to be a dumping spot for everything and anything!

A number of years ago I was given a beautiful, solid wood dining set…and while it filled the space and I was incredibly grateful for it…the style never really suited me 100%. The table, I LOVE! There’s something about an oval, solid wood pedestal table that appeals to me. BUT, I always found the chairs to be a little too “busy” and the buffet and hutch…combined with everything else, felt dark and heavy in a room that was already painted dark with heavy curtains. But again, having a dining room set to begin with was a real treat!

With my living room makeover in progress…the dining room followed suit and rather than look at replacing the entire set, I thought I’d work with the parts I loved and change what I didn’t! Starting with painting the china cabinet white!

I’ll be completely honest here…painting that cabinet was a little terrifying but luckily, it turned out EXACTLY like everything I’d researched on Pinterest and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results especially when I filled it with a few of my favourite treasures…including my childhood cookie jar!

From there, I turned a vintage frame into a mirror, purchased new chairs, curtains and some tableware…and the room was done! In time, I might add something else to the space, but for now, I’m rather smitten with how it’s all come together.

Plus my grandmother’s “every day” china dishes look absolutely wonderful in the space…a taste of modern with a whole lot of vintage mixed in. AND, after 20 years, I’ve found the absolute perfect place for my beautiful Donna Clouston print…a piece of art that was given to me by a pretty cool Newfoundlander…that always reminds me of where I’m from.

Check out my new dining room…mixing new with old.



In time, I might add a side table or a bar cart…but for now I like the fresh and airy feel. The table turned sideways makes the room feel HUGE and the chairs are every bit as comfortable as they look! It’s a touch of modern with a little bit vintage…exactly what I wanted!

Here’s where I found my treasures:

  • LOVE tin piece on the cabinet – Michaels ($34)
  • Curtains – Homesense ($70)
  • Chairs – Pier 1 Imports ($850)
  • Placemats and Napkins – Pier 1 ($80)
  • Table, Hutch, Mirror, Print, Dishes etc. –  re-used from before.



To see the entire space, check out my living room makeover…or pop by for a visit!

4 Replies to “Mixing a Little New with a Little Old…my Dining Room Makeover”

  1. Well done!! Everything blends together nicely. I really like the chairs you chose, too. Good eye! -Jenn