Junk in my trunk! #KIAWorkingMom

Over the last year, whenever the “Business of Blogging” is discussed, the same topic comes up over and over again…”you have to do more video!”

This terrifies me.

  1. I don’t know what I’m doing.
  2. The camera adds 10 pounds.
  3. There’s that whole hair and make-up thing…and, the actually getting dressed issue.

Despite my apprehensions, I bit the bullet and decided it was high time I made a video and, since my car needed a major cleaning with so much JUNK in my trunk, I thought I’d do a little video for KIA about how much my trunk could actually hold…AND, how awesome it would look when cleaned!

To start, I unboxed the tripod I’d purchased 6 months ago and figured out how to attach it to my camera. Next, I backed my car into the driveway and did two quick test shots to make sure the video worked and the camera was in the right placement while still making room for me to stand and open the trunk and empty it out. Finally, I got to work.

And the results…click on the picture below to see the hilarious video of me cleaning out my car.

What? It doesn’t work?


My big plan to take four videos so that I can properly enter and exit the screen…put them all together in iMovie and play it in fast time with funky music in the background as I removed items and dropped them onto the driveway was completely foiled because I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. Instead…I have still shots that show NOTHING!


One hour of putting together what would result in a 3 minute video and NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH!

However, I’m a story-teller anyway, so instead…how about I just describe what happens.

Picture this…I open the trunk and to my surprise there are dozens of items in the back of my car including (but not limited to as I can’t remember since I don’t have it on tape):

  • 8 hoodies
  • 4 winter coats
  • 3 beach towels
  • An entire kit for doing a photo booth with your girlfriends
  • Last year’s Halloween wreathe for the front door (that never made it out of the trunk.)
  • A dozen or so novels
  • Rink blanket
  • Pillow
  • Gold cowboy hat
  • A pair of winter riding boots
  • Three pairs of sneakers
  • A toilet seat (not kidding…bought it, put it in the trunk, never installed it!)
  • Tons of mail
  • My divorce papers

All of it…in my trunk and as I filmed, I dropped various items onto my dog who was quite intrigued about what was going on…PLUS, in the “photo booth accessories,” I found a wee sombrero and a boa that fit the dog perfectly and she looked absolutely hilarious as she sat there looking up at me wearing a boa while I emptied the trunk!

But no…you can’t see.

Unless you look at the photos of “Take Two” and “Take Three.”

In Take Two, you can see where the trunk is now emptied and you can sort of catch the dog’s reflection in the back quarter panel of the car.

And in Take Three, it shows where I repositioned the camera so I could vacuum out the car and you can see both the vacuum and the sombrero-wearing dog reflecting in the car’s door.

Thankfully…I also took a photo of my pup for Instagram ’cause it was too darn cute not to!

Plus…you would have TOTALLY LAUGHED at me picking up the entire vacuum and placing it in the trunk to vacuum it out while my neighbour called over asking me what on earth I was doing!

Whatever…apparently I’m BEYOND AWFUL at taking video and need to figure out how to work the camera record button before ever getting to the part where I actually have to edit, put together and add music!

In the meantime, the trunk was emptied…and THIS pile of junk sat in my front hall as the kid’s picked away at it for DAYS before everything was eventually put away.

But the toilet seat… still not installed!

In fact, maybe next week, I’ll do a video on how to install a toilet seat. Or, I’ll just show a still photograph!

Eventually…I’ll get this video thing figured out but in the meantime…it’s fantastic to have a little less Junk in my Trunk!

 – – – – – – –


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2 Replies to “Junk in my trunk! #KIAWorkingMom”

  1. Hahaha…we’re definitely in the same boat. I am scared to death of videos and make them as infrequently as humanly possible. Preferably onlywhen my teacher son is home and can help his old mom with the editing…putting together…thing!