A million thank you’s…to my very best girl.

Zucchini arrived into our home when our beloved rescue, Pumpkin, was around 10 years old.

She revitalized her…gave her a new purpose. Punky had a job to do and with a new pup to raise and ropes to teach…she ended up living a year longer than we’d ever thought possible.

I had more time with my old girl because of that pup and ten years after Zucchini arrived in our home, as we gathered around her at the vet this weekend to say our final good-byes, it was one of the many things I thanked her for.

Zucchini was a good girl. Quite likely, she would have been the perfect service dog as she was in-tune to each and every person who entered our home. In many respects, Zuc believed that every knock at our door was actually for her…and for all of her visitors, she went out of her way to make each one feel special…endearing herself into many hearts by showing you her toys and resting her head at your feet. For you…I thanked her.

In our darkest days, Zuc healed us. Through heartache, disappointment, fear and loss…she offered comfort. As a parent, I always knew which of my children were going through a rough time as that was the one whose bed Zuc was tucked into when nighttime fell. She dried tears and listened to stories intently…wrapping herself around you in the warmest embrace. Each of us owe her a debt of gratitude for making it better, for holding us together, for keeping us grounded when things felt a little too big.

She was my best friend and companion for every night and weekend I was on my own as a single mom, each time I left the house and told her when I’d be home, every time I walked back in and she was waiting at the door, each morning as she excitedly greeted me as if I were the most important person in the world. I will be lonely without her.

She was my partner…at the office, on the blog, in social media…she was part of my business and brand and will be missed by folks who never even met her.

She kept me company whenever I had an errand to run and there’s nothing she loved more than a visit to my parents house…often wanting to stay and visit longer when I was ready to leave…not understanding why she couldn’t just stay a few more minutes at Grandma’s side…where the treats were.

I thanked her, for being my friend.

Zucchini adored us. She didn’t pick favourites. She gave each of us exactly what we needed and if any of us were sick or hurt, she was there…for every concussion and break, each sniffle and bug…Zuc was by our side for the duration.

She loved the snow, hated trucks, hogged the bed, loved delivery guys, hated math, loved the beach, would do anything for a Grinners Dog Treat, adored the ukulele and despised olives. She was lazy…but every now and then, she completely let it rip and tore around the house or the upstairs bedrooms as if she were in the race of her life! She got the midnight sillies…often deciding to wake us all up to join in on a bit of fun as we tossed her toy and she bolted after it…jumping back to the bed with almighty force in anticipation of you throwing it again. She rolled in the bed covers, flipped and flopped…and when she’d finally rest, she snored like a trucker!

She dressed up in ridiculous costumes…happy to wear a tu-tu for special occassions and loving everything there was to love about Halloween. She caught snowballs mid-air…and did the same with balled up wrapping paper making each birthday and holiday that much more fun.

She had the softest ears imaginable.

She made our family complete.

Every now and then, she tore through garbage…and she ate the couch…but otherwise, she did nothing wrong.

This last ten years, I owe much to Zucchini and as I sat with her, making one of the hardest decisions in my life…with Noah and Megan at my side and Emily with us from afar…we thanked her for her years of service to our family. For every snuggle, every kiss, every hug and tail wag.

We are grateful for everything she gave us.

Her dog house will not be the same without her.

She will be missed.


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Photo Credits:
Baby Zu in the Grass – Lara Debruyn Photography
Family Photo: Applehead Studios

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12 Replies to “A million thank you’s…to my very best girl.”

    • She really and truly loved that squeaky monkey from Blissdom!!! LOL I forgot about that.

  1. This makes my heart ache for all of you, I am so very sorry for your loss. Zuc sounds like an amazing friend who had a wonderful life ❤️?

    • Weren’t we though!!! I think I have some photos of our ol’ dogs together on the beach in Hubbards.

  2. Crying. Wonderful tribute to an obviously wonderful dog and family member. Great photos. Sorry for your big loss, Colleen 🙁 .