Making my Hectic Life more Seamless

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I’m always in a hurry! Running from one activity to the next, trying desperately to get back to my office, with breaks in between that have me running from horseback riding, to the volleyball court, to picking someone up at work and dropping someone off. There’s always someone who needs me to be doing something for them rather than what I need to be doing for me!

As a single-mom and entrepreneur who works from home, the kids just see me as “available” and while they hear me complaining about needing to get back to the office…I’m not sure they really get it. All this work I do is what enables them to have all of these activities in the first place! But when I’m exasperated, I get, “Mom, you should take a break” or “You work too much.” Not…”I got my own drive today”, or “I just made you a cup of tea!”

It’s a constant battle to find the balance. I run errands in between activities…grabbing groceries, tea and supper on the run…saving work tasks that I can do in parking lots for those moments I’m sitting and waiting to pick someone up.


Which…is why when Interac Flash® became a thing…I was SUPER PUMPED!

Honestly, it’s unbelievably convenient to step up (or drive up) to a cash register, hold your card over the terminal and BEEP…it’s done! Magically, without pressing any buttons, your money leaves your bank account and pays for the items in front of you IN A FLASH!

No digging in the cup holder or under the car mats for change anymore, no hiding your PIN from the person behind you in the line, no waiting in line for multiple people to figure out how to use a device they’ve never seen before as goodness knows, every machine is different! NOPE…it’s just tap, tap, tap….and everyone’s through the line fast, easy and secure!

Admittedly, it did freak me out momentarily (as magic usually does) but with the built in security as well as spend and transaction limits, I quickly learned to feel at ease with this new way to pay.

Interac Flash is an absolute breeze. I’ve been using it for everyday purchases since the technology arrived on my banking card and knowing that it’s secure, makes it that much better! If you haven’t tried it, give it a go or visit for more information.

Now…if only someone could invent a technology that can either slow life down, or bring me a cup of tea.

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