Getting Myself Organized for the NEW YEAR!

This last few months, I’ve been in a state of chaos…things jumbled in my head not to mention my wreck of a house. A few rooms are PERFECT like my newly renovated Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen…but the rest of the house has sort of paid the price!

The fact is…I’ve dumped stuff in piles, corners and closets! Papers have piled up, boxes from blogging-swag I receive are all in a chair waiting to be put away…stuff is falling out of cupboards when I open them…it’s all just a disorganized mess of summer where I spent more time poking things out-of-the-way than I did at the beach!

I read somewhere once that you can tell what’s going on in someone’s head when you step inside their home! I guess going by that…there are a few areas where I’m perfectly content and happy…and the rest is a little out of control at the moment!

A few weeks ago on InstaStories, I showed you a FABULOUS new bookcase and basket that Canadian Tire sent to help me get organized for the new year as back to school is the perfect time to get back into a new routine. I’ve been contemplating all of the places I could put it (and too busy with other things to find the time to put it together)…but the other day, I was looking for something in my office and the realization hit me as to why it is I spend so much time working from my couch in the living room and so very little time in my actual home studio. It turns out…my beautiful studio where I always loved to spend my time …had turned into a bit of a mess! In one corner…was a massive pile of STUFF and GARBAGE and JUNK! Plus, my desk was PILED HIGH with paper work that needed to be filed and I was using my couch as a place to fold laundry. THIS was NOT a place where creativity lived…and suddenly, I knew where I was putting that bookcase!

Without further hesitation…I got to building!

I’ll admit…I was a little nervous. The bookcase looked fancy AND I couldn’t imagine how a 5- foot shelving unit fit in a 3-foot box! I was pretty sure it was missing a few parts and knew I needed all of my patience as just last week, I purchased a 3-Shelf Bookcase from Canadian Tire while settling Noah into his new place in Newfoundland. As I watched him put it together, I realized I really haven’t taught my boy a whole lot about building OR about finding joy in creating something with your own hands.

After breaking a screw driver, putting a side on wrong, deciding he didn’t want to add the back, and a few frustrated and unflattering words…he finally managed to put together a great little spot for studying. (Plus, he can hopefully be sort of proud that he built it himself.)

I was determined to put mine together with a few less curse words as really…how hard could it be?!


Initially I panicked as I took a total of 16 pieces out of the box and discovered a massive amount of screws, wood bits and odd-looking gadgets…

However, the directions were perfect and in no time, the piece was put together and standing upright!

Problem is, once built, I wanted it next to my desk and the configuration of the room the way I had it was no longer possible so a half hour project turned into a 2 day overhaul of my office as I organized, rearranged, threw things out, filed and sorted.

AND…I’m THRILLED with the results.

Once again, I love my workspace. My bookcase holds a great many treasures I’d tucked away along with a box at the bottom for a ton of paper work now cleared from my desk but still easily accessible. My desk is now moved directly next to a window which will allow me to photograph products much easier…and just the purging and sorting (and sweeping and dusting) makes the room feel bigger and a much more conducive place for being creative!

A HUGE THANKS TO CANADIAN TIRE for kicking my butt in gear and helping to get my office space organized once again.


I’m in good shape for the new year…excited about a great many projects before me and currently looking at the wall behind my desk thinking it’s the PERFECT spot for a new Gallery Wall! PLUS…I have my eye on this office chair at Canadian Tire…as it really and truly is the perfect finishing touch to my home studio!

Stay tuned to the blog…there’s lots more ahead. Two days of organizing and once I get that wheely chair in here…I’ll be ready to roll!

 – – – – – –

Do you organize yourself when the kids go back to school? Are you sorting through paperwork or cooking up some food to put in the freezer? Visit Canadian Tire for everything you need to help organize the closets, build something new, or cook up a storm!

Buy my new bookcase HERE…or the basket HERE.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Canadian Tire. As always, all of the opinions are my own.

2 Replies to “Getting Myself Organized for the NEW YEAR!”

  1. I could have wrote this post pretty much word for word and as far as your title goes, I too have a plan to get organized before 2017 ends. So here is to less clutter and more peace <3