Making Mealtimes Easier (and Healthier) with the President’s Choice Blue Menu #BlueYourMenu

With the new school year underway, I’ve been slowly making my way back into the kitchen to prep a few meals as we’re heading back into our regular routines.

For me…the kitchen is a challenge. Besides not totally enjoying the art of cooking, the main problem is that I’m down to just one teen in the house…who doesn’t quite seem to like the same foods that I like! Plus, while working full-time and fitting my entrepreneurial life in and around her work, volleyball and social schedule…suppers tend to be a bit of a scramble. I can never quite get the timing right!

Add to all of that…I really need to choose healthier meals with more protein, more fibre and more vegetables!

Enter PC Blue Menu to the rescue!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the chance to try out a few of the new products and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

First off…breakfast for me is a challenge in that…I don’t typically eat it! However, I’ve re-discovered the fact that I quite like Oatmeal..and the PC Blue Menu Maple & Brown Sugar Flavour Supergrains Oatmeal is a great way to start my mornings!!! I’ve tried it with fruit and even drizzled a little extra maple syrup over the top but for the most part…I’m quite happy pouring the packet into the bowl, adding boiling water, and enjoying the plain goodness of it! Plus, when starting my morning this way, my stomach isn’t so grumbly throughout the day causing me to make fewer trips to the fridge for snacks, so for me…it’s a win-win!

At Lunchtime, I’m often on my own and working from my desk so typically I’m grabbing some leftovers from the night before…or, if there’s no leftovers (and that would depend if I cooked the night before or not), I typically grab a few slices of toast, some cheese and crackers, or some microwave popcorn! However, PC Blue Menu has some great frozen meals for one and since I’m a fan of Indian Food…I thought I’d give the PC Blue Menu Chicken Korma a try.

I liked it.

I admit, I LOVE Indian Food leftover from the night before (when I’ve cooked up a big feed) so it’s certainly not that…but, for a frozen entrée quick microwavable lunch (or supper), it really does the trick! Plus, the PC Blue Menu Naan is the perfect accompaniment.

My favourite new PC Blue Menu item (if I had to pick one) would probably be the Beef Chili with Cornbread Crumble Top mostly because it’s the PERFECT suppertime quick meal that tastes great and is filled with goodness. Typically, when I have chilli, I load it with cheese and scoop it up with Nachos…but the cornbread topping on this is really quite tasty…accompany the dish with a salad and you have a quick, tasty, family supper that you can throw together rather quickly.

I actually liked it so much that I went back to re-purchase it on my next grocery run and, while there, decided to take a peek around to see what else was in store…and that’s when I discovered the RASPBERRY SHERBERT!

I’m an ice cream fan…but don’t like all of the calories that my loaded with cream and cookie dough ice cream usually provides…so I thought I’d give the PC Blue Menu Raspberry Sherbert a try. One bite…and my tastebuds were SCREAMING for more! This is definitely FULL of flavour and an absolute treat. For someone who enjoys berries as much as I do…and raspberries in particular…this was everything I hoped it would be and much more. You HAVE to try it!

Along with trying out a few new meal choices, I also was quite pleased to try a few of the other items from the PC Blue Menu including:

The next time you’re heading to the grocery store, have a look around at all of the products from the refreshed PC Blue Menu or check them out online and add a few new choices to your grocery list!

I’ve my eye on a few more lunchtime choices…and I’m just about due for another tub of sherbert!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for President’s Choice and their newly relaunched PC Blue Menu products. I was provided product and compensated for this post. As always, opinions are my own.


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