Epic Girl’s Weekend in Florida!

Last weekend I visited Mexico, Norway, Italy, Morocco, Japan, China, France, the UK and many other countries as we ate and drank our way around the world at Epcot!

It was #GirlsWeekend away! Our annual trip to Florida to “get out of dodge” for a few days and spend a little time shopping, eating, drinking, and relaxing by the pool.

This year, my dearest friends were along for the ride. My bestie Crazy, who owns the house in Florida (find out how to rent it here) along with my neighbour and bestie, Prada, and myself, do just about everything together in regular life so it was super-awesome for the three of us to go on a trip together for the first time! We were joined by three amazing women, Catherine (the latest #KIAWorkingMom), Michelle (nicest woman in the world) and Lisa (who’s been on this trip with me three times now!)

The six of us stayed up late, danced, drank, ate, swam, laughed, cried, ranted, raved and shopped…some a bit more than others and others a little less…but it was “everyone’s vacation to do as they pleased”…and do as we pleased we did!

Florida is always a treat! In 2013, while still at school and deep in financial stress, Crazy first mentioned about taking my kids to Florida on a family vacation and I thought she was, well…CRAZY! However, this happened (click on the link to see how it transpired) and next thing you know, I was jumping into the pool with my kids and enjoying a vacation I won’t soon forget! In 2014, the first “Girl’s Weekend in Florida” took place but unfortunately, I chose to stay home and on their return, vowed I’d never miss one again! So, in 2015, myself and Crazy were married in Epcot (read all about it here) in what would turn out to be a fabulous vacation followed by another wonderful trip in 2016. This year, with some of my nearest and dearest along for the trip, it was an absolutely Epic “Girl’s Weekend in Florida” and it’s my greatest hope, that we’ll all be in for a repeat next year!

I TREASURE my “friend time” whether we’re in the Air Canada lounge,

On the airplane,

Being greeted at the airport,

At the outlets,

Enjoying a few Margaritas,

Getting caught in the rain,

Celebrating special occasions,

Meeting new friends,

Taking a magic carpet ride,

Relaxing by the pool,

or Visiting Disney.

EACH AND EVERY MOMENT spent with this amazing group of women, I FEEL FULL. (And not just because we ate and drank to our heart’s content.)

We all work hard…live hard, we all have responsibilities that keep us busy and cause various stresses in our lives…but, it’s these moments, when you can put it all aside for a few days and PLAY, when you get to spend time with your very best friends…it’s weekends like this that make the hard days, a little less hard.

I’m counting the days until “Girl’s Weekend 2018.”

 – – – – – – –

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Disclosure: I received special perks in exchange for this blog post. As always, the opinions on this blog are my own.