Bringing our new puppy home…

I cried within moments of leaving the breeders…a massive overwhelming cry that caught me off guard and kept going the entire ride home.

“You should pull over,” Meg said from the passenger seat, holding our brand new, beautiful, wiggly puppy. But no, I just wanted to get him home…settle in…fall in love.

When Zucchini died, my heart exploded. A million little pieces gnawed at me for weeks and still catch me off guard from time to time. It happened quickly…she’d gotten sick so fast that part of me wonders if I’d done enough with medications or, if I was so intent on “doing the right thing”, that I did it too fast.

I’m not 100% sure either way. However, I’ve rested my thoughts with the belief that I knew my dog well enough to trust that I got it right.

But the house felt immediately wrong.

Loneliness is a horrible thing. With Zuke not around to talk to during my work days and on the weekends when no one was home…with her not at the door to greet me, not in the car beside me when I ran my errands, not at my feet in the office or next to me on the couch…things didn’t feel right. I felt her everywhere…and nowhere at the same time.

Within a short time, I started looking at rescue sites and checking out breeders…knowing I couldn’t replace her, but needing to restore the balance.

Artichoke fell into my lap. Right place, right time, right conversation…everything came together in a magical way and a week ago today, we brought our little guy home.

He fills a space that was empty.

This past week, I’ve laughed openly and loudly multiple times. I’ve put my work aside to sit on the floor and throw a ball only for it to be retrieved and brought back to me. I’ve fallen asleep on the couch in the middle of the afternoon with a wee puppy snoring beside me. I’ve made countless walks around my yard in every weather imaginable including snow, sleet, wind, rain and sunshine. I’ve been focused…relaxed…energized…happy.

I’ve also been frustrated, exhausted and exasperated but I’ve a new babe in the house and with that comes broken sleep and nibbled fingers. Training a pup is no easy task and I’m vastly aware of my age as sleep deprivation didn’t seem quite so bad when I was ten years younger! I’ve counted on Megan and at times, have waited anxiously for her arrival from school so I can hand off the pup and take a wee break! Emily and Noah have been checking in and face-timing regularly…and while they both got to meet him during the holidays, they’re looking forward to visits home soon.

Keeping the “vegetable” theme going with Pumpkin, then Zucchini…Artichoke is the newest member of our family.

Known as Artie for short, he’s mostly French Bull with a touch of Boston Terrier (mom was 1/4 Boston). He was born in the North End of Halifax in early December to Chicken and Biggie and 3 brothers. He’s playful, inquisitive, determined, cuddly…he loves to play catch and isn’t too keen on being left alone quite evident from his Houdini escape from his kennel the one time I left him home.

It’s been a busy week. We’re settling in, finding our groove, discovering a new routine and getting to know one another.

We’re falling in love.

With Artichoke’s heart.

 – – – – – – – –

Artie has definitely been the star of my Insta Stories for the last few days as folks have been sending messages requesting more and more videos of him! Follow along on Instagram @QueenofCurtains. AND, to keep in touch with all of his Frenchie Friends, Artie has his very own Instagram page…make sure to follow him @ArtichokesHeart.

 – – – – – – – –

A HUGE thanks to Jenn at Partridge Photography for taking a few pictures of me and Artie this week. Jen and I have worked together on multiple projects in the past, and plan on doing a fair bit together throughout the year!

6 Replies to “Bringing our new puppy home…”

  1. oh my goodness, Artie is adorable — I love puppies!! what a beautiful combination of French Bull dog and Boston Terrier — congratulations ! I will be eagerly following along — take lots of photos!

    • Thank you so much!!! We got some great shots of him the other day. Really quite a darling.

  2. He’s so sweet! I hope you enjoy him. Puppies are a lot of work but so much fun. I enjoy every day that I have with our 2 year old black lab/Chesapeake Bay retriever. She is wonderful to have around. All the best!