What do you do when your battery’s dead?!

It was an incredibly chilly day just before the holidays, when I was home sick with shingles, miserable, and completely out of groceries…when my son headed out the door to run a few errands for me…a large list in hand of various places I needed him to go and things I needed him to do as time was getting tight. But first, he was to run through Tim Horton’s to grab me a tea as I was out of both milk and tea bags…and energy.

Moments later, I was flat-out on the couch curled under a blanket, happy that a few things were finally going to get done while awaiting my tea-delivery, as my son stepped inside the house and announced “your battery’s dead.”

DUH…my batteries died weeks before when the pain of shingles had completely knocked me off my feet and left me reeling…unable to catch my breath. I was nearing the end of it all…pain starting to leave my body, rash gone…but simply exhausted and unable to do much of anything. Of course my batteries were dead. I was running on empty and in need of him to do a few things for me as the holidays were rapidly approaching and…OHHHH…you mean the CAR battery.

Well damn.

For those of you who watch my Instastories…you know this isn’t the first time my car has died. In fact, if we look at the number of times I’d called for a boost in the last year, it’s a little bit silly. For some reason, my car battery wasn’t holding its charge for very long and it was time for a new battery. But oddly enough, finding the time to go to the garage to have one installed was just one more thing on the ever-expanding to-do list that wasn’t getting done and low and behold…here I was, with my batteries and my car’s battery completely spent at the exact same time.

I phoned CAA.

Within no time, they were in my driveway installing a battery for me!


Within half an hour of my phone call and with follow up text messages to let me know when they’d be arriving, Greg and Daniel showed up in their mobile battery truck, tested my car’s battery to determine it had in fact bit the dust, chose a new one from the large supply in the back of their truck, installed and tested the new one and had me up and running and back in business JUST LIKE THAT!

AND…knowing how miserable I was when they left, they arrived at my door moment’s later with a Tim’s tea delivery to brighten my day!

Do you have CAA Atlantic Roadside Assistance? I’m new to the program but here’s the rundown of what you receive:

  • Roadside Assistance – Towing, Fuel, Battery and Tire Service
  • Travel Agency Savings and Benefits
  • Exclusive Savings with Retailers Online and Across North America
  • Insurance Protection at Low Member Rates
  • Approved Auto Repair Facilities

Check out their website and send them a message if you have any questions…they’re super quick to answer.

I’ve met a few of the folks over the last bit as they’ve boosted my battery and the experience has been nothing short of FABULOUS with professional and knowledgeable staff and super quick service.

I’m impressed with how they’ve helped me with the car…though I could still do with a boost to my own batteries as well!!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by CAA Atlantic. As always, opinions are my own.


14 Replies to “What do you do when your battery’s dead?!”

  1. We had a flat in the parking lot at MSVU a couple weeks ago. I called hubby, he was not too impressed that we didn’t have our CAA membership up to date!

  2. My husband, he is not answering his phone….my neighbour….he doesn’t care less… as I am crying….my daughter …she is in the States…and then…..and then CAA and in no time they showed up like angels. Thank you CAA!!!!!

  3. CAA definitely Colleen! I have my own “life-saving” (almost literally!) CAA story — nothing to do with a battery — but it’s too long for here. I’ll tell you sometime.
    And my husband just used them today for a dead battery. A young guy came who is in training, he was great!