Making weekends easier with Kitchen Door Catering.

If you’re like me, a weekend away at a cottage is absolutely wonderful…the perfect way to end a busy work-week with the goal of putting your feet up and RELAXING to your hearts content.

The problem…the Friday pack-up! Gathering your clothes and essentials, the food you want for the weekend, a few beverages, music and things you don’t want to forget…all stuffed and packed in the car for your drive…and then, when you get there…the unpacking and unloading the car not to mention, you still need to prep for supper when all you you really want to do is SIT! Completely basque in the glory of a weekend away!

The solution…Kitchen Door Catering to the rescue with their fabulous Take Home Meals!

A few weeks ago, my girlfriends and I headed out of town on a Friday to plunk ourselves in The Captain’s House AirBnB in LaHave, Nova Scotia. The plan was to eat, drink, laugh, relax, laugh a little more, eat a little more, and relax that much harder!

On Friday, I packed up the car and headed to Kitchen Door where the fabulous folks were preparing my BIRTHDAY DINNER! A quick “Facebook Live” and a few hugs later, and I was on my way to spend a few days with some of my oldest and dearest friends…knowing the meal was fully ready and all that needed to be done was HEAT…and SERVE.


For starters…check out the Facebook Live to see what the lovely Patty Howard and her team put together for my birthday meal…

….and make sure to listen to all of my RIDICULOUS sound effects and the multiple times I repeat what Patty is saying!!! (Suffice it to say I was excited to hit the road!)

My birthday supper was absolutely AWESOME, EASY, DELICIOUS, MOUTH-WATERING, PERFECTION. The braised short ribs heated up quickly and literally melted in your mouth! We served it with grilled seasonal veggies and both caesar and my favourite…beet salad. (Please note…I’m not a food photographer and therefore, don’t want to insult Kitchen Door with the photos I took of their delicious food…so imagine a beautifully prepared plate of food…and check out Kitchen Door’s website where you can see plenty of perfectly photographed meals and the events that they’re so well known for! )

For dessert, we finished our meal with Espresso Brownies and Lemon Squares that were a hit the ENTIRE WEEKEND LONG!

On top of the birthday meal, Patty filled the bag with enough food that we enjoyed Maple Butternut Squash Soup and Roasted Cauliflower Gratin for lunch the next day, PLUS we munched on a weekend full of snacks and dips!

With so much of the food taken care of…and it being sooooo easy to prepare…we had extra time to explore our surroundings!

The AirBnB itself was lovely…plenty of areas for lounging both inside and out, a seaside decor, comfy beds and a well-stocked kitchen.

Plus, with the food prep taken care of, there was extra time for exploring which included visits to both Petite Riviere Vineyard and Maritime Painted Saltbox…and a walk through the town of LaHave and various beautiful shops.

A HUGE thank you to Patty and her gang for making our weekend away a COMPLETE BREEZE! Make sure to follow Kitchen Door Catering on Facebook and Instagram and visit their website to learn more about their fabulous new location (where you can rent out the space AND take one of their fabulous cooking classes.)

If you’d like to hear more about Patty’s story, check out this lovely post, From the Kitchen to the CEO, from my blogger friend Heidi @Raising Haligonians.

Are you heading out of town this weekend? Or next? Or any one after that? Pop into Kitchen Door in Dartmouth and check out what they have for Take Home meals…make the prep THAT MUCH EASIER so when you get to your destination, you can just put your feet up, and ENJOY!

We had a phenomenal weekend in LaHave thanks to a whole lot of laughter, a beautiful place to stay and a fun adventure with friends…made even better, by delicious food from the lovely folks at Kitchen Door.

Disclaimer: This post and my birthday dinner was sponsored by Kitchen Door…as always, the opinions are mine.

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  1. Oh my goodness… I just read this blog and watched the video with Kitchen Door. I am SO happy they are on my side of town & I will be checking them out for sure. 🙂