Seven things you can do to put yourself first and TAKE CARE OF YOU!

At the end of the day, I’m useless to my friends, family, and clients…unless I take care of myself.

Quarantine did something to me…I came out of it feeling unsteady, uncomfortable…foggy.

I didn’t quite feel like myself and didn’t seem to have enough energy to get out of my own way. Honestly, you’d have thought that the four-month rest would have been good. But no…I’ve felt dragged, emotional, and rather fearful of moving forward. I’ve been gripped by an uneasiness that I’ve not been able to shake.

This past few months, my thoughts went into overdrive…and on the couple of occassions I indulged in a few drinks on a zoom call or on a deck with friends, it set me back for a few days where my emotions took center stage!

I sat down and had a chat with Dr. Ben and discovered I’m not the only one feeling this way as he’s heard the same story from many of his patients at Cornerstone Naturopathic…as we’re all feeling the grip that COVID has taken on our lives as we try to maneuver around this “new normal”.

The bottom line for me is that I need to have a good balance of being gentle with myself, while also pushing myself to get out of my own way and get myself moving…to get off the couch, get into nature, feel the sun on my skin and live every day to my best ability.

I need to Love Myself.

Dr. Ben and I came up with a plan.

For starters, I needed a boost of energy so for the last three weeks, I’ve popped into the office for an Energy IV filled with a ton of nutrients to help get me back in fighting shape…to push out the brain fog.

Secondly, I got off the couch! I’ve been walking on the treadmill and by the water, and I’m starting to work out online with my friend and fitness instructor, Suzi Fevens. I’m starting slow, but I’m doing it.

Clearing my head has been a little tough…but wallowing in it doesn’t help! While I’m not comfortable getting too far “out there”, and I’m keeping my circle pretty small, I still need to find ways to love myself by.

Here are the Seven Things I’m doing to take care of and LOVE MYSELF!

  1. Sleeping properly – CBD oil is helping with this one!
  2. Eating healthy – and cutting back on the snacks!
  3. Exercising regularly – and getting OUTSIDE!
  4. Keeping a gratitude journal.
  5. Spending time safely with my circle of friends.
  6. Avoiding vices and toxic influences.
  7. Tapping into my spiritual life with reflection, music, and meditation.

It’s been a crazy few months and like me, I hope you’re taking care of yourself. We’re worth it!


My Gift to YOU!

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Disclosure: My health and wellness journey is sponsored by the amazing folks at Cornerstone Naturopathic. The entire team at the clinic is working with me to live my best life! We’ve approached everything from a health perspective…with the weight loss being a massive bonus. I feel good. Better than I have felt in years. Cornerstone is truly in my corner…they want me to succeed and are giving me the tools I need to get there. The Doctors and staff have been a wealth of knowledge and even greater cheerleaders through this journey. My success…is their success as well. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change…check them out. While I’m partnering with them on the blog…all opinions are my own.

3 Replies to “Seven things you can do to put yourself first and TAKE CARE OF YOU!”

    • I am 100% in a fog; I guess I just didn’t realize it. But now that I read your blog, I realize I’m not really doing ANY of the 7 things you list very well, and I’m sure that explains some of the struggles I’ve been experiencing lately. Thanks for the post and reminder to look after myself.