Tidy home, tidy brain…

About this Post: I’ve partnered with Maid 4 U Cleaning Services to keep my home clean and tidy! In this post, I chat about the fact that my house is messier when my mental health is suffering! Thanks to Maid4U, we’re cleaning up the mess together!

There’s a distinct correlation between my mental health and the tidiness of my house.

Basically it comes down to this…

The more I’m in a funk =
The worse my apartment looks =
The funkier my head gets!

I love a clean house! I like things where they’re supposed to be and I enjoy being in a cozy environment surrounded by all of my favourite things. Unfortunately, sometimes it all goes to crap and I’m unable to put it all back together because from time to time, my brain is a complete and utter ass!

When (not if) that happens, I eventually hit on a good day, fire on the music and get a bit of cleaning done! But, until then, I look around at all of the things that need to get done and as a “work from home” person, it’s hard to concentrate on my job when there’s laundry piling, beds that need changing, a kitchen and bathrooms that need cleaning, and floors that could use a scrub! And, as the stress builds, so does the mess!

Enter Maid 4 U Cleaning Services, a local cleaning company I’ve partnered with who really and truly are making my life SO MUCH BETTER!

A few months back, Maid4U arrived at my home to do a “Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleaning” and from there, they continue to visit every second week to:

  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Change out my bedding
  • Dust and sweep throughout
  • Wash the floors
  • Scrub my kitchen until it’s super shiny
  • Haul all of the garbage away
  • Do any “extras that need to be done

While they leave my home smelling fabulous and looking shiny, what they do for my brain…is SO MUCH MORE!

With the cleaning done, my home ALWAYS feels put together allowing me to rest, relax and enjoy my surroundings when I’m not working rather than feeling like there’s something I HAVE to be doing. It’s a thrill to have someone taking care of the basics…leaving me to putter away at some of the organizational things like closets, laundry, paperwork, and cupboards. The floors are always clean…the toilets sparkle…the shower is perfect…I just have to keep up with the daily tidying and tackle the bigger projects when I’m in the mood but when I’m not home working, I’m completely free to enjoy my space and I gotta tell you, THAT’S GOLDEN!

Over the last few months I’ve discovered that with the clutter gone, I feel less stressed and able to focus. I’m not stress free (as they aren’t magicians!), but having this HUGE TASK taken care of has made a really big difference to my daily life.

If you’re in the market and looking for a cleaner, I highly recommend the folks at Maid4U! Each person that comes to my home has been friendly and professional…they have a number of services they provide, and they’re awesome at what they do!

Click here for a FREE QUOTE, make sure to follow them on Instagram, and drop by for a visit if you’re ever in my neighbourhood…my house is always ready for company!

DISCLAIMER: This post and my clean home are sponsored by Maid 4 U Cleaning Services. As always, opinions are my own.

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  1. I agree wit you completely about a clean house created a great mind set .wonderful advise