Imposter Sisters – Working through Imposter Syndrome one episode at a time!

Welcome to very first episode of Imposter Sisters, where myself, Colleen O’Dea, and my super-cool friend, Alix Robinson, self proclaimed “fake it ’til you make it” experts, discuss and analyze the ups and downs of feeling like frauds as we navigate through our professional and personal lives!

In this inaugural episode we discuss how we see one another, how we see ourselves, the type of imposter we believe ourselves to be as we build our “imposter pizza” {based on Dr. Valerie Young’s “5 Types of Imposters”}, why we started Imposter Sisters, and what you can expect from this season as we bring on various fabulous guests to discuss their relationship with chronic self-doubt and how they overcome those insecurities.

I am absolutely thrilled to partner with Alix on this passion project of ours! Alix and I met virtually through Zoom when the pandemic began, as we supported one another with the “great pivot of 2020 and beyond”. In 2022, we finally met IRL and continued our weekly meetings at The Mellow Mug coffee shop. What started as a working relationship, has truly turned into an unexpected and fabulous friendship. This podcast will shine light on the rapport we have with one another, allow us an opportunity to expand our businesses, and challenge us to try something new while spending time with like-minded women… building a community of support, understanding and friendship.

Imposter Sisters was recorded at The Mellow Mug coffee shop which is near and dear to our hearts. A huge shoutout and thanks to Marquessa and her team for being the sweetest supporters and serving up the best drinks and treats.

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Please enjoy and be sure to share with the imposters in your life!

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  1. Wonderful show Colleen.Really enjoyed your formative information.See you again next week❤️❤️❤️