The Chameleon – Introducing our Imposter Sister, Stephanie Graham

It’s Episode Three of Imposter Sisters where myself, Colleen O’Dea, and my super-cool friend, Alix Robinson, self proclaimed “fake it ’til you make it” experts, discuss and analyze the ups and downs of feeling like frauds as we navigate through our professional and personal lives! In this week’s episode, we introduce our Imposter Sister, Stephanie Graham

Imposter Sister – Stephanie Graham

In our third episode of the Imposter Sister podcast we chat with superhuman, Stephanie Graham, about how a career change, brought on by the pandemic, turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Steph shares insight about figuring out what it is you want and then simply going for it. She chats about being a chameleon in her life, about surrounding yourself with good people, and how choosing happiness, kindness and vulnerability will always benefit yourself and those around you. 

More about Steph

Steph and I were not kidding in the podcast when we said that we have NO IDEA where we met. We’ve wracked our brains and continue to come up blank…I THINK it was maybe at a networking event years ago?…but really, I’m not sure and at this point, it truly doesn’t matter. Steph is one of those friends that comes into your life and if you click…you completely click. In fact, we clicked so much that I was one of the “flower girls” in Steph’s wedding a few summers ago!

AND…the best thing that happened during the recording of the podcast is that Alix and Steph totally clicked as well! Which if you ask me, is pretty freakin’ awesome!

While I joke that I don’t really know when I met Steph, I can tell you about a moment that I was absolutely in AWE of her. I attended an event called Queen Pins and Stephanie was one of the women presenting. It’s my understanding that she planned on speaking on one topic, but as she got to the stage and had things going on in her life, she decided to talk about something entirely different. With complete bravery, Steph opened up about her mental health journey and was truly authentically vulnerable with every word she spoke. The audience was captivated. There were tears. There was laughter, There was a whole lot of support. I was BLOWN AWAY listening to her and vowed on that day that I would be more authentic and share my journey with others as she did on that stage, and continues to do.

Steph has been a rock for me at numerous times since I met her (whenever that was), and I’m truly grateful for the friendship she so lovingly gives.

The Podcast:

Imposter Sisters was recorded at The Mellow Mug coffee shop which is near and dear to our hearts. A huge shoutout and thanks to Marquessa and her team for being the sweetest supporters and serving up the best drinks and treats.

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Please enjoy and be sure to share with the imposters in your life… and welcome to the sisterhood Steph!