Riding her way through life…

My youngest is home from camp with sun kissed cheeks and a glowing smile. 

She swam with horses, took care of a mare and her baby all week, jumped and cantered.  She played SPIT into the evening with the other girls in her bunk, met some new friends, wrote each others names on their pillowcases, played Capture the Flag in the pasture and ate fabulous home cooked meals.  She hasn’t stopped telling stories of the amazing experiences perfect for a horse-loving ten year old… or any horse-loving crazed kid for that matter.

She tells me she’ll be going back next year… for longer this time.

Equus Center is located in Granville Ferry just outside of Annapolis Royal.  The kids who attend their camp come from all over Canada and the United States.  The facilities are phenomenal.

On arrival, we drove down a tree lined driveway with pastures on one side and a lovely cedar cottage-styled home and swimming pool on the other.  The barns, pastures, tack rooms and stalls are top notch.  There’s a jumping and dressage ring, a hunt course and trails to enjoy as part of your camp experience.  Beautiful and well maintained with horses that are well cared for, gentle and extremely friendly.

She had so much fun there wasn’t a phone call home for the entire week!  She apologized and told me there wasn’t a phone… ’til I laughed at her and she said “ok, I was too busy and having way too much fun!”  Thankfully Jennifer Weidhaas, owner of Equus, emailed me partway through the week to let me know all was well!!!

I’m left with a ton of laundry… stinky paddock boots… a suitcase full of ants… and a happy child.

It was the experience of a lifetime… for both of us.  My youngest… because she gained confidence, learned lots and realized there’s a whole world of adventure out there.  Me… because I saw that she could do it!