Ratomir Kovacevic…

Every now and then you hear of an individual who exemplifies the way people should be. Giving everything of themselves…keeping in mind everyone around them, their family and community.

Ratomir Kovacevic is one of those people.

Just before Christmas this year, I saw the faces of many neighbourhood friends, shocked in the news that this strong, athletic, wonderful man had suffered a stroke. A person who gives so much of his time as the Technical Director of Dunbrack Soccer Club, Ratomir has been an influential part of the soccer community helping hundreds of children have fun, reach their dreams, go for the gold.

While my children chose other sports, never meeting Ratomir, many of their friends were thrown for a loop…their parents not really sure how to explain that this Father, this Husband, this Coach, this energetic, athletic man became so ill, so violently, so unexpected…his athleticism being a Godsend for his recovery. Every adult facing the realization that it can happen to any one of us at any time.

You can live your life with passion, be an amazing role model, a fabulous parent, a caring partner, an inspiring coach, a pillar in your community…you can work to be the best person you can possibly be but in the end…we’re all fragile..and the fear this brings to each of us is stifling.

While Ratomir works towards his long recovery, the soccer community is rallying.  Holding loved ones a little closer, appreciating those who touch our lives and organizing the Kovacevic Family Benefit Evening…to show their support and love for a wonderful man.

Join friends, family and an entire community on Saturday, March 12th, 2011 at the Greek Orthodox Church for a Dinner, Auction and Dance. Tickets are $20 at the door or $15 advance. For complete details or to donate auction items, contact Paul Hornbuckle 229-9618, Lola Gentile 880-4539 or Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club 455-0078 or HDSC’s website.

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  1. We think of him so often and pray for his recovery, such a great man… Thanx so much Colleen for writing such a beutiful piece about him, Susan