What happens in "The Meatlocker"…

I have just spent the last seven months with the most insane group of people you could possibly imagine!

I can’t tell the stories… mostly ’cause no one would believe them! It’s drugs, sex, rock and roll all amassed in a classroom coined “The Meatlocker”… without the drugs… or the sex… and to be honest, they listen to this weird music I’ve actually never heard of except for “Low Rider”… who’s a bit of a country fan.

I thought my age would be a problem. Returning to school in your forties is daunting at best and walking into a room full of “twenty-somethings” is up there with some of the hardest challenges I’ve had to face. But they didn’t care… I was the only one with the issue!

One by one I found my “friends” and honestly, have formed relationships that will be there for the duration. Except that, by the time they reach my age, they’ll be bringing me flowers and chocolate in the old-age home!

Each and every person in that classroom has influenced me in some way like “Buckeye”… whose positive attitude lights up the room more than her amazing smile. “Toothless”… who cares less about what people think and more about getting the laugh. “Low Rider”… who sends me the most hilarious messages late at night leaving me laughing uncontrollably as I’m trying to get to sleep. My amazing friend with the once- purple-now-turquoise hair who finds great pleasure in the simplest things. The “Riff Raff” at my table. The “Wicked Awesomes” at the other. And “Gloss”… who I owe the world to…  as much for his constant support and friendship as his ability to make me see how wonderful and blessed my life truly is.

I’m in a fabulous place with remarkable people. Each, who’ve influenced my life in profound ways and while I’m still getting used to not being home with my kids every day… spontaneously joining my girlfriends for coffee, shopping or pedicures… it’s made so much easier by the simple fact that there are twenty-four unique, talented, funny, creative individuals who I’m happily spending my time with.

It’s taken me a long time to realize that life’s challenges and heartache happen for a reason. In my case, to bring me to a better place, surrounded by the wonderful support of family and lifelong friends that now includes a list of insane “twenty-somethings” who hopefully, when the time comes, will bring me flowers and chocolate to the old-age home while reminding me of hilarious stories from “The Meatlocker”.

That I can’t tell you about.

‘Cause you’d never believe them anyway.

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