Under construction…

I have, 100%, without a doubt, killed my blogger template!

It’s possible I know just enough HTML and CSS to be completely and utterly dangerous yet not enough to be perfectly proficient.


I’m well aware that what you see is gobbled crap and believe me, I’d love to get rid of that crazy drippy pink background but it won’t go away!!!

I started this blog a few years ago when I knew absolutely nothing about designing or coding and multiple widgets and gadgets were applied then removed and code got in that won’t go away and what you have… is this mess.

Ever notice, how when you open the Curtains site, the title font changes three times! That sometimes the likes and tweets work and other times they don’t? How comments disappear? The facebook thingy flashes twice… and my twitter button is a question mark?


But can’t make it stop!

You’re welcome!

Six months ago I purchased my own URL (www.curtainsareopen.com) and haven’t had the time I need to sit down and build my new site!

So… we’re just going to pretend things are “Under Construction” for a little while until I get things  straightened out but I promise… it’s coming… soon… like maybe in a few months when it’s just in time for me to pay for another year’s worth of the URL fees!!!

In the meantime, keep reading and liking and commenting and tweeting and visiting my advertisers… and I’ll keep posting! We can work around this renovation mess ’cause eventually there’ll be a brand new fancy website where you’ll visit and think I’m the most awesome web designer you’ve ever seen!

For now… just pretend you don’t see any of the craziness!!

Smile and wave!

It’s pretty much my life’s motto these days!!

One Reply to “Under construction…”

  1. *wave* Hi! I dont mind it if you dont. It would take more than a wonky template to scare me away.