Honey-Do List (with a giveaway!)

There is NOTHING WORSE than a “Honey-Do” list without the honey.

The dreaded list, the length of my arm, is an accumulation of a winter’s worth of dirt and grime.

A month back…Snuff and Spiderman attacked the back yard. Picked up the garbage and bagged up the leaves that never quite made it to the curb last Fall! It was a huge chore and it was awesome to have it done. But that was just the beginning.

Since then, I’ve painted the front steps, pounded down the nails, fixed the loose railing, weeded and bark-mulched the front flower beds and cut back a few of the bushes. Spiderman cleaned the garage and has been keeping on top of mowing the lawn with the exception of the two weeks we let the back yard grow into a meadow as I was too afraid to get gas for the mower and drive it home in that little red can! But thankfully, Prada’s husband mowed the front!

The yard is looking better….but there’s more to do!

Fact is…my thumb isn’t green, I’m not big on weeding and to be honest…I’m far from a feminist and believe that yard work should be done by men!

THERE! I said it!

OK…maybe it’s not that I believe it should be done by a man so much as I don’t believe it should be done by ME! I’ve talked about how much I hate weeding in the past but, 1.) have you priced getting a landscaper to do all of your projects? And 2.) I HATE the thought of being judged by my neighbours as the paint peels from my front steps and the weeds take over the lawn. So…with no man in sight, no money to hire a professional and a cringe on my face every time I pulled into the driveway…I realized I had to get to work!

The list is HALF done and if it would stop raining for five minutes…I’d tackle the rest.

In the meantime, as the list grows…Michelle Drover at Premiere Mortgage Centre, is making the task just a wee bit easier (just like she does when it’s time to get your mortgage!!) To help with getting your house in shape for the season, maybe spruce it up with a few flowers to add to your “Curb Appeal,” Michelle is giving one of our readers a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Farmer Clems!

Here’s how you can win…

  1. Visit the Premiere Mortgages website by clicking on Michelle’s advertisement on the right side of the blog (at the bottom if you’re viewing on your mobile.) Spend a moment poking around while learning a bit about Michelle. (On her site you’ll also find links to Michelle’s Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts if you’d like to add her to your network!)
  2. Come back to Curtains are Open and make a comment on this post about something you found interesting on Michelle’s website. In your comment, add a tip for sprucing up the outside of your house or tell us about the yard chore you hate/love to do (quite frankly, I could use the advice!)
  3. Share this post with your friends to get an extra ballot! (Just let me know in your comment how you shared the post and I’ll put your name in the draw a second time!)
  1. The giveaway will be open from now until Friday, July 5th, 2013 at nine a.m (my time!)
  2. The winner will be chosen using random.org and notified by email.
  3. Only comments on THIS post are eligible to win. Comments on other posts, Facebook or Twitter, while appreciated, are not considered.
  4. Only one comment per reader is eligible for entry into the contest PLUS, a second entry if you “Share” the blog post (you can share by clicking on the “share” options on the bottom of the post, by sharing the link on the “Curtains” Facebook page, or re-tweeting the tweet on Twitter.)

ALL readers of Curtains are Open are eligible to win! I know some of you don’t enter as we’re good friends or family…but seriously ENTER! You’ve been supporting me since Day One.

Oh…except for those who live in my house…with its newly stained deck and lovely mulched beds. (Not that they don’t support me…but they’re not eligible to win!)

16 Replies to “Honey-Do List (with a giveaway!)”

  1. I learned that Premiere Mortgage Centre-Verico was awarded Best Mortgage Brokerage firm in Canada ( 25 agents or more) in 2013.

    My advice, hostas, hostas and more hostas. They grow like weeds and cover up a multitude of landscaping sins.

  2. I really like that Michelle is your advocate and that the lowest rate is not always the best deal.
    My favorite decorating tip is a pair of my childrens outgrown rubber boots filled with dirt and some petunias planted in them sitting on the front step.

  3. I learned that Premiere Mortgage Centre-Verico was awarded Best Mortgage Brokerage firm in Canada in 2013.

    My advice is to plant as much flowering shrubs as you can.Covers a lot and makes for beautiful landscaping.

    Shred on fb as well 🙂

  4. Visited Michelle’s site… discovered that she is conveniently located on Wright Avenue in Dartmouth! Have also shared on FB. 🙂
    PS – I seriously need to stain our deck too… but the RAIN! geesh.

  5. oh…a tip for sprucing up the outside of the house… drink lots of wine and then it will look better! 😉

  6. Visited Michelle’s website and I learned that Premiere Mortgage Centre-Verico was awarded the Best Mortgage Brokerage firm in Canada in 2013. Sounds pretty good! Shared on facebook.

  7. Hey Queen,

    I noticed that Michelle’s cell is a Toronto #..???? and that she provides custom mortgage solutions from a variety of lenders..good options! She also indicates that Life is Unpredictable and she is there to help….hopefully she has a green thumb too!

    ps.. Did a SHARE too!

  8. I learned that there’s always a “sale” going on so don’t be too quick to jump!
    My gardening tip is to put a single layer of newspaper down under your mulch to really deter weeds.

  9. I learned that Premiere Mortgage Centre-Verico was awarded Best Mortgage Brokerage firm in Canada.

    My advice…..multch, it helps control the weeds (a yard chore I hate)!

  10. I Learned that Michelle will make me a PRIORITY 🙂

    And I hate weeding as well

  11. I really liked the ‘library’ section of the website. I took a look at the article ‘Home Buying Step by Step’ and found it interesting. (I will share on fb!)

  12. I agree with Michelle that the lowest rate isn’t always the best for you ( long term) as there are other things to consider.
    Sadly, no advice on gardening as I need all the help I can get!
    Great post Colleen!!!

  13. Slid in at the last second Nic!
    Contest is now closed. Winner will be notified via Email. THANKS Michelle Drover at Premier Mortgage for sponsoring this giveaway!

    • Thank you all for participating and a huge THANKS to Colleen !! Enjoy this beautiful day and weekend ! And if you need any mortgage advise , just reach out ! I am here to help 🙂
      Bye for now, Michelle Drover