Friday Fun-Day – Creating a Chalkboard

One of the things about being a designer that can prove to be difficult…is finding enough time to use your imagination and play. Create. Have fun.

You get so caught up in “Designing” that you forget to let your creativity soar.

I know this, because every designer I’ve met has told me. They say the work is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable…but you have to step away from the computer to make room for “art”. Paint. Draw. Mould play dough. Carve stuff out of wood. Fold paper. String beads.

So…with that in mind, I’ve started Friday Fun-Day where once a month, I’ll find a creative project to get myself away from the computer and explore something new.

I decided my first project would be one of those wonderful “chalkboards” that keep showing up on Pinterest! So a few Fridays ago, I got to work.

And here’s how it went…

1. Price a large piece of canvas then decide that large pieces of canvas are crazy expensive.

2. Head to any store that has a “Home Decor” section and find a large canvas print that’s on clearance and completely hideous! (My apologies to anyone who has purchased this print before!)

3. Purchase chalkboard paint and stare repeatedly at the receipt to see if there was a mistake as it cost almost as much as the canvas you walked away from (ok…not quite!) Blame it on Pinterest, or Martha Stewart, but remain happy that you purchased a Martha Stewart product as she’s never steered you wrong (except for that one time she wore that crocheted cape…or the time she went to prison.)

4. Decide that the roller pan is a total waste of your time and squirt the paint directly on the canvas.

5. Roll first coat of paint.

6. Realize how dumb it was to squirt the paint on the canvas as the paint seeps into the fabric leaving “squirt marks” that have to be painted over and over and over until they disappear.

7. Paint a second coat.

8. And a third.

9. Complain how long it’s taking to paint the canvas and question whether you should have bitten the bullet and purchased the blank canvas to begin with even though the blank canvas was eighty bucks and the flowered thing was twenty but maybe the printed canvas has some sort of repellent paint solution on it and this could be an entire waste of time.

10. Decide that you’re too far in to start all over and begin a fourth coat…then run out of paint.

11. Realize you forgot to take photos of each coat of paint as it went on but trust me that it didn’t look much different than the first!

12. Go back to the store to discover they’re also out of paint.

13. Curse Pinterest.

14. Head to another store and hope that the new paint (which cost less) will be the same color and consistency as the old paint then consider buying two containers knowing how many coats it’s taken ’til now even though the canvas is barely covered.

15. Dig through the multiple tubs of colored chalkboard paint and realize there is only one tub of black paint left.

16. Curse Pinterest.

17. Hope for the best.

18. Grab a quick bagel and coffee then head home to roll a fourth coat of paint onto the canvas sensing immediately that it’s smoother and thicker and much easier to work with.

19. Sit back amazed at how it covered in only one coat (potentially two if the other three and a half weren’t already on it) and curse Martha Stewart.

20. Admire the black canvas and realize you left your camera on and drained the battery while you ran around looking for more paint so you’re left to take photos from your iPhone instead.

21. Question the entire concept of “Friday Fun-Day” and consider changing the name to “Curse Me Craft Day.”

22. Chalk.

23. Erase everything and start over.

24. Chalk.

25. Erase.

26. Discover that using a paint brush dipped in water will allow you to erase little bits between letters rather than having to erase the entire thing.

27. Keep chalking and erasing until you get the effect you’re looking for.


28. Hang the board and fill it with all of the projects that are upcoming along with to-do lists and appointments. (Note: Monogrammed Mugs on the shelf are courtesy of Prada…perfect for our coffee mornings! Also note: I’m not entirely thrilled with the look but I’m sure I’ll get better as time goes on.)

29. Sit back, absolutely pleased that you finished a piece in one day, then search Pinterest for the next big project!

On July 12th, my “Blue Haired Friend” from school will be joining me for another “Friday Fun-Day.” I have no idea what we’re doing as she’s picking the project!

If you’d like to join us, to stretch your creativity and have a little fun in the process, let me know!

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  1. The secret is to download the Michaels app to your phone and therefore always having a 40% off coupon!