Family illustration…

Remember that contest I ran awhile back…the one where you could win your very own family illustration? Like the one on the cover of my book (described here)?

Well…Sharon was the winner (much to the disappointment of everyone who wanted a drawing of their own)…and her illustration is complete!

My buddy Snuff, (aka Matt Bustin)…is the creative magician behind the illustrations. He’s created a few since my book came out…and is happily taking orders for more.

The process…we start by asking a whack of questions and have you describe your family…each person, their likes and dislikes…quirks and hobbies.

Sharon wrote the most amazing write-up on her family that included their love of hockey and speed skating…which is how they ended up in a Zamboni! She wrote how one son loves to collect war medals, rides a unicycle, loves music and wears shirts and ties…how her other son plays hockey, loves his cats, loves to scooter and skateboard. She wrote how her husband has played hockey since a child and has recently taken up speed skating, how he owns a men’s clothing store, enjoys a beer, has a smile that lights up his face and enjoys renovating their home. For herself…she mentioned her speed skating as well…how she raced in a triathlon last year, enjoys reading (notice my book in her hand), writing and a great glass of wine!

From there…Sharon sent a number of pictures of their family including the photos of their two cats and a bird!

Matt compiled a list and began to sketch. Eventually, he scanned the sketch into his computer and redrew, fixed, edited, altered, hocus pocused, colored and edited some more. Then he showed it to me, added a few more things, edited and coloured and stressed and drew more and added more and coloured more until he was satisfied with how it turned out…and at some magic point…he decided it was done!

Hours and hours after Matt began…Sharon, her husband Paul, their two boys, two cats and a bird…are all together in a Zamboni with their hobbies and personalities surrounding them.

Working with people who Matt has never met…drawing and studying their faces…he finds it pretty interesting and actually feels like he knows them when it’s all said and done.

Congratulations Sharon on winning your illustration! I’m positive you’ll enjoy it every bit as much as I enjoy mine!


If you’d like more information and pricing, contact us at Drawbridge Creative.


2 Replies to “Family illustration…”

  1. Wow!

    They sure have a lot going on! I love that Sharon is reading your book. Nice touch. 😉

    I like this idea for a family illustration. How fun!