Painting a ceiling…kinda like the ceiling at The Louvre!

What the heck is wrong with me that I can’t paint a straight, controlled, white line on my already white ceiling? Being careful to blend it perfectly…avoiding the “paint lines” on the edges left from the ends of the roller…trying to match “new” white paint to ten-year-old white paint where suddenly the two whites are completely different colours!

I was on vacation with The Tall Blonde in Paris, I was simply overcome with the painted ceilings in the Louvre. It was too much…too big…too awesome for this creative to even begin to comprehend. I couldn’t grasp the concept as my brain filled immediately and my eyes peered above me. I had to keep on looking…yet I needed to look away…to give my mind a rest.

As we rushed from room to room with our travelling companions…in a hurry to find the famed Mona Lisa…I stepped into a room and stopped dead in my tracks. Tears burst forward as The Tall Blonde looked at me like I was losing my mind…just before realizing I needed time to take it in…time to slow down and absorb what was in front of me…above me…in me.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever in my life seen art as beautiful and the photos I took don’t even come close to explaining the feeling. While we had only a few hours to explore, I needed days to do it right.

Today, as I painted my ceiling, frustration filled me while I desperately tried to make straight lines, instead, making rather large unblended arcs as paint particles landed in freckles on my face…one giant glob landing straight in my mouth!

But, while painting…while trying to find some patience to get the job done…I remembered the amazing ceilings at the Louvre and while it relaxed me just a bit…it made me question both my skills as an artist and a handyman.

For now, the ceiling is done. My feet are up. I’m tired, sore and rather annoyed to find a task that I’m absolutely miserable at doing! But it’s done.

And the way I see it…ceilings weren’t meant to be painted with perfectly straight white blended lines anyway.

One Reply to “Painting a ceiling…kinda like the ceiling at The Louvre!”

  1. “Beside…the way I see it…ceilings weren’t meant to be painted with perfectly straight lines anyway.”

    Just like life!

    There really are no straight lines. So what if math says it’s the shortest distance between two points! Do we want short or do we want interesting?