Sunday Wrap-up #6…

You know when you hit that wall? When you’re too tired to move…when the to-do list has piled massively high…when you’re trying to get things done and you’re living one hour at a time unable to see the big picture onaccounta all the little things?

I hit that wall.

It’s Monday. I’ve a half-written Sunday Wrap-up post, I made it through a crazily busy weekend…and I’m ready for a break except that Christmas is coming…quickly…and I’ve much to do. (Starting with finishing this post!)


Last Monday…I called over to Amanda at KIA and asked for the Elf Car.

I’m not sure what possessed me.

There was that thing about “using your voice for good” that had me thinking I could gather a few more jammies for KIA’s jammie drive…with all PJ’s collected going to Bryony House and Shelter NS.

With a week over packed with multiple things on the go…I drove that car and tried my best to drum up a few more pairs of jammies. My friends at Mudwraps to Manicures jumped in to help, as did a whack of local bloggers who got in on the action…as did my friends and family. I was overwhelmed with the support and truly grateful for every single pair of jammies that were dropped at my house or delivered to the jammie car.

It completely warmed my heart.

Jody from Mommy Juiced dropped off four pairs of Jammies while wearing jammies!

The downside of driving a car with a candy cane and elf on the side…road rage can’t exist. My entire style of driving had to change as people beeped and waved and smiled and cut me off while reading the details written on the side of the car. Fact is, you simple can’t be rude driving an elf car despite a roaring desire to do so!

My ability to actually write this week was hampered by everything else going on, but I did manage to sneak in a post about Ten Thousand Villages…a cause that’s truly special (plus their products are beautiful!)

As part of Manulife’s mission to spread a little goodwill and thank folks who’ve provided #LifeAdvice, I took a moment to write a big-ol status update thanking a few people who’ve given me some great advice through the years. It felt great to write it out and I suggest you take a moment to post on FB or Twitter with the hashtag #LifeAdvice. There’s some great advice out there floating around (some funny stuff too!)


Some exciting news! My book has been turned into a basket with Goody Baskets and can be shipped worldwide!


There are two different options…the “Sweet Retreat and a Good Book” option that’s filled with yummy teas, hot chocolate, coffee, cookies and chocolates (and of course my book!)

And the “Guilty Pleasure and a Good Book” option filled with wine, cheese, crackers, pate…everything needed to put your feet up and enjoy a read!

Click on the links to check out the descriptions…I didn’t even write them myself!


Much Much love to my friend Holly for turning my book into a basket that she can sell at her shop! If you haven’t ordered from Goody Baskets before, they’re the perfect gift for every occasion filled with wonderful, delicious, gourmet items to suit everyone’s taste buds!

Many years back, I ordered through Goody Baskets for corporate gifts and absolutely loved the product! It’s really kind of neat to realize that I’m now in the catalogue of baskets that can be ordered and given as gifts from any province!


Wednesday evening’s #ECMChat was UNREAL! Throughout the evening, we talked about Holiday Shopping and gave away SEVEN HUNDRED dollars worth of prizes from KIA Dartmouth, Wildflower, Beck and Boosh, Turbine Fashion, President’s Choice, The Monkey Show, Drooler Dog Treats, Ganong, Thornbloom and Presto Pastaworks!

This week, we’ll be chatting about relaxing through the holidays and as it turns out…this week’s giveaway is a $100 gift basket from Goody Baskets!

Make sure to follow East Coast Moms on Facebook for upcoming topics and giveaways.


This week, I had the great pleasure of working with this little guy from Twirp Communications!


Twirp’s brand is fabulous with this wee little twirp bird…and there’s always something fun to do with him. I particularly liked his Santa hat and look forward to more work for him in 2015.

I’m finishing up a couple of projects then I plan on taking a break to enjoy my family through the holidays! Hopefully, if time permits, I’ll catch up on a little marketing, update my website and a few other sites I need to do a little work on…maybe gear up for a big splash in January and get my newsletter going. I’ve a list of things that need to be done in my office (starting with filing) and I’m sure I’ll be able to fill my time over the next few weeks as I recharge my batteries and head into another fantastic year!


My personal life, the blog and my business tend to all blend into one! The other day, someone commented how I was always “playing” on the computer and I’m pretty sure they could tell from the look on my face that I wasn’t impressed…and yet, much of what I do is fun so I can totally get the confusion.

This last ten days I took photos of my dog to cheer my cousin up. Dressing her in various outfits (the dog, not my cousin) and posing her in front of various things. She’s gained approximately ten pounds from eating so many treats (dog…not cousin) and is rather confused by the whole process! It’s not been easy to get my precious pup to sit…stay still…AND look at the camera…with the “looking at the camera” part being the worst! I’m not sure what she has against cameras…but it’s been this way forever! The second one comes out…she looks away. Down. Around. Up. Anywhere but straight ahead. I’m no sure what she thinks will happen if she looks directly at the lens, but suffice it to say, it’s been a challenging…albeit fun, ten days (and I’ll blog the outtakes in the next few days!)

The last three days I’ve been trying to get used to these new Progressive Lenses from Ocean Optometry…I LOVE the glasses and I’m getting tons of compliments on them…they’re just going to take a little getting used to.


I’m on the countdown for The Tall Blonde arriving home in four more sleeps…so that’s pretty cool! I’m pictuting lots of tea, a little wine, some board games in the living room…a lot of family time and togetherness…it’s really going to be awesome!

I spent a number of hours in the gym with Bones as she tried out for Volleyball and it was fabulous to see some old volleyball mommas. If all works out…we’ll be spending a fair bit of time together this year!

I also spent a number of hours with Bones as she got ready for her Entrerpreneur Fair at school where she made slushies (thanks Glow Parties for helping out with that) and branded the Slushies by the Sea slushie company with a fantastic new logo made by Bones herself!

I got a kick out of my sister-in-law posting a photo of the Toilet Paper Nativity Scene I made for my brother about 25 years ago!

We picked up our tree one evening from Harrington’s…then managed to bring it in, put it up and decorate it all in the one evening. There’s a small basket of The Tall Blonde’s ornaments waiting to go on the tree and once that happens…it will be absolutely perfect!


Bones had riding…and a barn party…both of which had us heading out to Windsor so she could spend a little time nuzzling her favourite horse, Sonny.


And…other than that, there was the typical hockey games (where I happily watched Spiderman score two goals in one game and only get one penalty in another), visits with my parents, dinner with the kids’ grandparents, a trip or two to the mall and the hustle and bustle of a busy week.

Oh…and here’s a picture my sister-in-law posted of a Toilet Paper Nativity I made for my brother about 25 years ago!


This week ahead, I’m not entirely sure how it will all play out but I’ve a couple of lunches, a few dinners, a party, Bones arriving home, all of my Christmas shopping to do, a house to clean and a bit of work to finish up!

And…that’s how it looked…for another busy week!


2 Replies to “Sunday Wrap-up #6…”

  1. Awww. That nativity is special. And Awesome… and yes, you’re awesome too. Never doubt that.

  2. There is so much going on in your life and you *still* find time to do good! You are something else. Great job on the Jammie Drive. I am so happy people were enjoying the Elf car. It really was cute!

    I love the Nativity. It’s a Creativity Nativity! 😀

    I guess you have always been creative. That’s a precious memento. How sweet they shared a picture with you.

    Here’s to another good week!