Top 5 posts of 2014…


With 2015 ringing-in approximately one hour from now, I thought I’d take a peek at my Top 5 Posts for 2014. Of my 116 posts published this year, here’s what got the most attention…

70 Things We Love About You

Thanks to Pinterest, 70 Things We Love About You was my most popular post this year…making me think I should do a few more DIY projects! This one was a project I did for my father’s 70th birthday in February. I asked all of our family to send me a note telling me something they loved about Dad, then turned it into a piece that he could hang in his office. I receive a few emails a month requesting the file…and I’m happy to oblige.

Make sure to follow Curtains on Pinterest…and maybe this year I’ll try to do a few more projects like this!


After the mess of the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, I found myself in the horrible position of having to explain to my daughter that if ever she was in a bad situation…that no matter what…I would believe her.

I feel a shift in the air…I hope that’s what I feel…I’m incredibly proud of the women who came forward through this heinous story and hope that both women and men continue to find their voices to make this awful treatment of people…a thing of the past.

I guess that’s a lot of hoping but as a mom, I’ll continue to educate my children to think of others…to put their best selves forward…to try to make a difference. #IBelieveHer

Compassion, Kindness, Respect and Patience

I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of people who supported this blog post about elderly people…about showing a little Compassion, Kindness, Respect and Patience.

The truth is, we’ve an aging population in a time when we’re rushed to get everything done. We’ve become immune to the needs of those around us and at times, show an attitude that’s quite often not very kind.

In 2014, I made it my goal to try to show a bit more kindness…and it was greatly rewarding in so many ways. I think we can all do a little better at slowing down, being present…showing more patience even when we’re rushed in this busy world we live in.

Amanda Morvan #KIAWorkingMom

It doesn’t surprise me that my post on Amanda received so many hits. Amanda was the first in a series called #KIAWorkingMom…where we’ll focus on a busy mom each month and tell her story. As the General Manager at O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth, Amanda is an absolute JOY!

I’m incredibly pleased to have partnered with Amanda and it’s truly a thrill to watch a company reach out into social media the way she has done. Please follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook to see all of the wonderful things they’re doing in our community!

Oh…and think of O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth when you’re in the market for a new car! (Another goal of mine for 2015…or 2016…we’ll see how it goes!)

The Anniversary of the Day 

Honestly, my readers are a bunch of sentimental folks! Either that, or I am!

The Anniversary of the Day is a post I wrote on what would have been my wedding anniversary. While there’s much I wish to forget from when my marriage fell apart…which co-incidentally happened to come to an end 6 years ago this very night…there are also some wonderful times I simply can’t forget.

My Wedding Day was one of the happiest days of my life. I remember the love of being surrounded by family…a family who still supports me to this day. I had much hope for my future and could never have imagined the way it would turn out. But at the same time…I’m kind of really rather happy with where I am at this very moment.

In 2015…I wish to remember that my past is not what defines me…it’s not who I am despite being a big part of my story. My future is greatly promising and I’ve much excitement for what lies ahead.


My top five posts are full of heart…which doesn’t surprise me as my readership is a great many supportive, kind, caring, wonderful people who seem to want the same things in life that I want. To be loved. To be respected. To be surrounded by friends and family and to live a life that we can be proud of.

In 2015…may we each find what we’re looking for. For me…it’s more of what I’ve had in 2014…maybe with a little more balance, and a lot more love.