Jody sat in my office months ago.

Her plan was simply to ask me a few questions about branding a new business…spend a few minutes looking at my portfolio and getting a feel for my work before moving along to another designer to get their thoughts on this business…her dream.

Three hours later…we were hugging at my front door.

This weekend, I walked into Spa-dee-da Youth Kindness Spa and felt the thrill a Graphic Designer feels when they see a concept come to life. Hours of research, so many thoughts and ideas…multiple meetings and discussions…the branding of Jody’s dream…completely finished and open for business.

I’m thrilled for her!

Located at 1175 Bedford Highway, the moment you walk up the steps you can feel the energy. While Spas are normally a place of relaxation, with decor to suit the mood…Spa-dee-da is a shade of purple reminiscent of pure bliss and excitement!

It welcomes you in and dares you not to have fun!

spaB copy

Beautifully designed by the talented Jonathan Legate, the interior screams YOUTH! The purple and white decor with sprinkles of pink and green…black chalkboard walls and touches of shimmer and shine…it’s fabulously fun! A long bank of seating loaded with pillows is the perfect place for toes and hands to be painted! There’s a room for facials, another for massage, yet another for yoga…and a wonderful area just perfect for parties!

As what little girl wouldn’t love a Spa Party!

Where did the idea come from?

“My eldest son was about 12 and started to get acne. I was taking him to my spa for facials and he was getting great results, but he didn’t love going to the serene spa filled with women. I thought, there must be something for kids, boys and girls. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there might be an opportunity here.”

So Jody created it!

Spa-dee-da is a place where youth can enjoy a fabulous birthday party with their friends, where they can delight in a manicure or pedicure with their BFF, where they can get facials and learn about skincare, enjoy yoga classes created just for them and feel the benefits of a relaxing massage.

Spa-dee-da Youth Kindness Spa has something for everyone.

Well…everyone under 16!


THANK YOU JODY for spending a bit of time with me over the last few months…for all the work we did on the branding to get it exactly the way you imagined…with just the right shade of purple! For the many discussions that produced a multitude of ideas…many that have been incorporated and many more yet to come! Thank You for giving me the opportunity to add something to my portfolio…that I’m incredibly proud of!

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One Reply to “Spa-dee-da…”

  1. “Spa-dee-da” looks like a fabulous place. I love the name!

    The colours in the logo are very happy making.

    You know … a certain little Thing has a birthday coming up… hmmm… I think I had better check this place out. SOON! 😀

    This is really excellent timing and definitely fills a void in our area. Great job!