Taking a team approach to my #WellnessJourney…

About this post: I’ve hit a little snag in my #wellnessjourney! In this post, I give you all of the details of what’s going on with me, and how I believe my healthcare is best dealt with from a team approach.


Let’s talk about my health!

I have chronic sinusitis. It’s miserable…and before the advice comes in about treatments and surgical options, etc…know this…I’ve gone down every avenue and unfortunately, this is one of those things that I’m just going to have to manage.

So…I do. With daily rinses and medication if/when I get an infection, I manage it.

Prior to partnering with Cornerstone Naturopathic to get my health in check (for a number of other things that were going on), I was on antibiotics for sinus and chest infections A LOT. I was putting out the proverbial fire with each and every bottle of pills…and with worries around antibiotic resistance…I knew I needed a better plan.

This past year and a half of eating healthy, maintaining proper vitamins and minerals, and getting IV immune boosts when I feel run down…I’ve been in a really good place with my overall health. While we weren’t really focused on my sinus issues with the work I’ve been doing with Cornerstone, every single thing I’ve done has played an impact on my well-being…keeping this chronic issues at bay…until this past month!

AND…since I know you’ll ask, NOPE…I don’t think it’s the cat (though allergies can certainly wreak havoc on my sinuses). I believe I got run down…and my lifestyle hasn’t been as energetic as it was before the pandemic hit. I’ve felt pretty BLAH both mentally and physically, and for me…that often results in the perfect storm where every weak spot gets attacked…hence, the sinuses went whacky, I had my first cold sore in years, I haven’t been sleeping well, and I’ve been feeling pretty blue!

With my team of health care professionals – my family doctor, recommendations from my ENT specialist, and Dr. Ben at Cornerstone…I’ve gone on Prednisone along with a hard-hitting antibiotic. I don’t love that I had to do it…and in some odd way I feel like a bit of a “failure” for getting so run down when I was doing so well…but the fact remains, I didn’t have much of a choice.

There’s a lot you can do to be proactive about your health…but sometimes, you have to react to the situation you’re dealing with.

I’ve only been on Prednisone once before…about 2 1/2 years ago…and here’s what I know it will do…

The positive side:

It’s going to make me feel AMAZING! In fact, the inflammation in my sinuses has already gone down drastically and I can even breathe through my nose!!! I have ENERGY…and that will only increase as my sinus and chest infections get better (ah yes, when my sinuses go whack…it leads to a chest infection, a horrid couch, and a mewing sound when I breathe like I’ve swallowed a cat!) In a short period of time…this medication I’m on will fix the issue and I’m gonna be a whole new me!

The negative side:

While Prednisone works so well and is needed so often for people with compromised immune systems, it also comes with a laundry list of side effects so before you decide to take it…you really need to weigh the risks against the benefits.

For me…it causes insomnia to the nth degree! To combat it this time around, thanks to the legalization of marijuana, I’ve added an oil spray to my nightly routine to make my mind and body rest.

I also get some dizziness, some nausea, a yucky taste in my mouth and dry mouth…though I’m honestly not sure which of these come from the Prednisone and which come from the Antibiotic…as I’ve only ever taken them both together…but it’s a bit of a feeling of YUCK at times and I plan my meals around my meds accordingly.

Also, the last time I was on it…I ended up with shingles! And, before you get excited about the hilarious Instagram stories I can offer in my shingle induced state as I did last time (you guys really loved seeing me miserable)…I’m going to avoid it at all costs as I NEVER WANT TO GET SHINGLES AGAIN! I’ve had my shingles vaccine and will get a boost when I’m off the Prednisone.

Lifestyle helps!

So, let me get to the reason I’m telling you all of this! It is my greatest belief from working with Cornerstone Naturopathic that lifestyle changes…eating healthy, making sure you’re getting all of the proper vitamins and minerals your body needs, not overindulging with alcohol, getting lots of sleep, exercising and getting out in nature…are some of the greatest things we can do to help stay our healthiest selves.

With the threat of COVID at our heals and heading into Flu season…it’s important to follow all of the rules with mask-wearing, hand washing, and social distancing…but also, it’s important to be as healthy as we can and making the proper lifestyle changes necessary…will go along way with battling various illnesses as they arise.

All of that said…there comes a time when medication is required and for me…that’s right now!

I look forward to feeling better. And…with eating properly and getting out walking in the fresh September air (after this infection clears up)…I hope to really be on the mend super soon and get back to maintaining the healthy lifestyle I worked so hard to achieve. In fact, I hope to kick things up a notch!

If you’ve been run down, aren’t getting results, are constantly feeling like you’re behind the eight ball with your health and want to be as proactive as you can……contact Cornerstone Naturopathic and have a chat with their fabulous team to come up with an individualized plan that will get you results.

They’ve made me feel fantastic…and truly offer me a health care plan, along with the support and encouragement that I need, to live my very best life.

Your health truly is a team approach…with Western Medicine, Natural Medicine, and YOU…being part of the team!

Disclosure: My health and wellness journey is sponsored by the amazing folks at Cornerstone Naturopathic. The entire team at the clinic is working with me to live my best life! We’ve approached everything from a health perspective…with the weight loss being a massive bonus. I feel good. Better than I have felt in years. Cornerstone is truly in my corner…they want me to succeed and are giving me the tools I need to get there. The Doctors and staff have been a wealth of knowledge and even greater cheerleaders through this journey. My success…is their success as well. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change…check them out. While I’m partnering with them on the blog…all opinions are my own.