Wednesday Wish List 2022 – Week 3

Each Wednesday leading up to the holidays, I’ll share with you some of my favourite things from local shops and entrepreneurs! Click on the links to purchase online, follow them on social media, or visit their shops where I’m sure they’d be delighted to see you!

Week 1 and Week 2 of these “Wednesday Wish Lists” have been a lot of fun! Folks are clicking on the links and sending me messages telling me about the treasures they’re finding! All I can say is keep clicking and ordering from these locally owned Atlantic Canadian shops as we all know that entrepreneurs and local businesses are so important!

Here goes Week 3 as I showcase some of my favourite things and show you something cozy, something shiny, something to wear, something tasty, something that makes me smile, and something for the home.


There’s just something about an oversized grey hoodie that I absolutely love! Maybe it’s leftover feelings from wearing a boyfriend’s high school sweatshirt… or the simple fact that it’s a closet staple that’s easy to wear and always in style.

This Art Pays Me unisex sweatshirt is perfect for so many reasons… the coziness of the sweatshirt itself but also, the message it portrays. Duane Jones, artist and podcaster, created his lifestyle brand to motivate and remind individuals to “embrace their creative strengths to achieve financial and creative independence.”

Duane is an amazing artist and truly awesome human! Check out his story and if there’s an artist on your list…this sweatshirt, and the entire Art Pays Me lifestyle brand, ticks all the boxes!


When my children were babies I started a tradition of giving them ornaments on Christmas Eve to represent something special about their year…something they love, a special achievement, or a milestone in their lives. On the box the ornament came in, I’d write the year and a little note with an explanation about the ornament it held. My intention was when they moved out on their own, each would have memories to fill their trees.

Thornbloom has been a staple in our family for decades as dozens of their shiny baubles adorn my Christmas tree and the trees of each of my children… showcasing our family adventures and special events.

While I’ve visited Thornbloom, in Halifax, and their sister shop Hammock, in Bedford, during the holidays for the last 30 years, it’s also my go-to destination for home decor pieces and style inspiration throughout the year.

Pop in for a visit for some holiday cheer and check out the gorgeous hand painted ornaments from Poland…they’re definitely a must see and make a lovely hostess gift attached to a bottle of wine!

  • Shop online at Thornbloom
  • Pop into their store at 1459 South Park Street Halifax or their sister shop Hammock in the Sunnyside Mall.
  • Follow on Instagram @thornbloom


At least once a week you’ll find me sipping tea at my favourite coffee shop, The Mellow Mug. Why do I like it? For starters… the tea, coffee and treats are all fabulous…but besides that, the staff are always smiling and quick to have a chat, to ask how you’re day is going, or make a kind comment… they’re just absolutely lovely!

Plus, the surroundings are quite inviting and it’s the perfect spot for a meeting, some solo time with your computer, or a visit with friends. AND, they also serve wine so sometimes Friday coffee time turns into Friday drinks!

Pop in for a visit and if you happen to see me, pull up a seat and let’s spend a little time together! While you’re there, grab a gift card for someone special on your list. I’m positive they’ll enjoy The Mellow Mug every bit as much as I do!


Honestly I don’t know when I turned into a cat person but this magnet made me laugh!

While Classy Cards are well-known for dropping F-Bombs on their products and their various saucy cards, notepads, calendars, drink-ware, magnets, stickers, car fresheners and more…I can attest that the owner and her family are truly wonderful people!

Visit their website for lots of hilarious cursey things, pick up their products at numerous retail shops and markets, and make sure to follow on social to watch this inspiring entrepreneur grow her successful business while raising two busy kids!!


A number of years ago when Tiffany first started The Curated Root, she dropped off an “influencer box” filled with holiday items including pre-lit garland, a beautiful flocked wreathe, various decorations, and boxed greeting cards. It was a treat to receive such a beautiful gift of truly high-end holiday decor and at the time, I posted about this new and exciting online shop.

While Tiffany continues to run her online shop filled with clothing, shoes, home goods, florals and everything in between…she’s also building a lifestyle brand with new and exciting things on the horizon!!

In the meantime, check out the stunning dresses from The Curated Root’s online shop just waiting to be taken to a New Year’s party this year…including this slinky, black Zac Posen gown.

And, while I love all of the high-end fancy that you can find at The Curated Root, I’m a bit more casual in my party-going while also enjoying a wee bit of style! Luckily, Tiffany currates it all and to go with my black jeans and sparkly converse, I’m all about this Rebecca Minkoff backpack just perfect for a bottle of wine and a change of clothes!


The moment I stepped into Big Erics and saw the table filled with nostalgic Mason Cash mixing bowls, happy memories started filling my head! I remembered my Nanny’s kitchen with multiple bowls of dough rising until she’d eventually punch the dough, divide it into tins my Poppy had crafted, and place it in the over to bake to perfection.

So yes…I bought myself a bowl! And, if you have any sentimental attachment to these beautiful pieces or just like nice baking bowls, I suggest you pick one up for yourself and another for the sentimental person on your list!

  • Shop online at Big Erics
  • Pop into their store at 171 John Savage Avenue, Dartmouth
  • Follow on Instagram @bigericsinc


Speaking of sentimental, how about showing a loved one how much you appreciate them by listing all of the reasons they belong on Santa’s Nice List!

This 12×12 digital print can be customized and ready in time for the holidays. Visit my Etsy shop to order and while you’re there, have a peek at prints for all of your upcoming milestone events!

You can follow my graphic design shop on Instagram at Drawbridge Creative, or my blog on Instagram at Queen of Curtains.


And once again, that’s another Wish List Wednesday for the books!

Please click on the links to discover more fabulous treasures within each shop and share the posts online with your friends! Also, make sure you’re following my Instagram account @queenofcurtains where I’m sharing even more products from these local shops throughout the week!

AND…if you haven’t had a chance to view Week 1 and Week 2, click on the links for more of my favourite things!

Happy Holidays

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