Imposter Sisters – Drawing Things and Swearing with Cassy Collins

It’s Episode Six of Imposter Sisters where myself, Colleen O’Dea, and my super-cool friend, Alix Robinson, self proclaimed “fake it ’til you make it” experts, discuss and analyze the ups and downs of feeling like frauds as we navigate through our professional and personal lives! In this week’s episode, we chat with Classy Collins, owner of Cassy Cards Creative.

Imposter Sister – Cassy Collins Graham

In our latest episode of Imposter Sisters, we chat with Cassy Collins about drawing things and swearing. After graduating from Graphic Design at NSCC, Cassy began working in her field and as a side hustle, started designing and posting cards on Etsy that were so popular, they were soon picked up on Buzzfeed and HuffPost! While Cassy definitely has a sarcastic sense of humour, she’s quite lovely and has a rather soft demeanour in person…quite different from what you’d think based on her CURSY CURSY F-BOMB CURSY products! Cassy shares her journey of building her company, Classy Cards, to where it is today – in 250 different shops and shipping to multiple countries through her online orders. In this episode we chat about collaborations, supporting other entrepreneurs, feeling like an imposter at times (especially around actually “running a business” when you’re an artist), the difficulties of having to “put your face on social media” to promote your products, and pushing through feeling like you need to do it all yourself as an “Imposter Soloist” before finally asking for help. 

Even More about Cassy

Cassy and I spent two years together in an NSCC classroom called “the meatlocker” as we learned the ins and outs of graphic and web design. On our first day, in order to try to remember one another’s names, we went around the room and said a “food or drink” that began with the first letter of our name. Cassy was just before me and chose “Corona Cassy”…leaving me completely lost for another “C” word!!

The photo above is how I picture Cassy…sitting in my living room, glass of wine in hand, bright red lips, dark rimmed glasses and a huge smile. Cassy is warm, kind, supportive…she welcomed me as a 40 something-year-old woman in a class full of 20 year-olds and I’ve never forgotten how she made me feel.

I’m incredibly proud of the business Cassy has built…she inspires me.

In fact, she fucking inspires me!

Have a listen, I think you’ll agree…

The Podcast:

Imposter Sisters was recorded at The Mellow Mug coffee shop which is near and dear to our hearts. A huge shoutout and thanks to Marquessa and her team for being the sweetest supporters and serving up the best drinks and treats.

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Please enjoy and be sure to share with the imposters in your life… and once again, welcome to the sisterhood Cassy!