Imposter Sisters – Perfectly Imperfect with Kaylee Giffin

It’s Episode Seven of the Imposter Sisters podcast where myself, Colleen O’Dea, and my super-cool friend, Alix Robinson, self proclaimed “fake it ’til you make it” experts, discuss and analyze the ups and downs of feeling like frauds as we navigate through our professional and personal lives! In this week’s episode, we chat with Kaylee Giffin, known online as The Blondielocks.

Imposter Sister – Kaylee Giffin

Kaylee Giffin is a woman on a mission to inspire and uplift through her love of marketing, social media, and making every day feel a little more beautiful. With over a decade of experience as a social media influencer, Kaylee has built a strong and dedicated following through her popular blog and Instagram account, “The Blondielocks”.

In Episode 7 of the Imposter Sisters podcast, we chat about Kaylee’s imposter syndrome as a perfectionist, how her “magazine-like” curated instagram changed after becoming a mom, her struggle with postpartum depression and how she vulnerably showed up on-line, her desire for finding a healthy lifestyle balance, and her new pivot from her background in fashion business management into the dynamic world of wellness and movement.

Even More about Kaylee

When I first heard about Kaylee I was sitting with a PR Rep at a coffee date, as they listed off the local content creators who would be attending an upcoming event. “WHO?”, I asked as she mentioned “The Blondielocks”…a name I hadn’t heard of before from a list where I typically knew everyone! Well, turns out, Kaylee had just moved to Nova Scotia and while not on my radar, was certainly on the radar of several brands as this woman is a DYNAMITE!

In the influencer world, I’m a strong believer that there’s room for everyone and was thrilled to meet this young mom with husband and tot in tow. We hit it off immediately and would share a little chat at the few events we found ourselves attending at the same time. Soon, her second son was born and I truly enjoyed watching this beautiful mom show her family on Instagram…however, the day she spoke of her mental health struggles, my heart went out to her.

Kaylee was feeling overwhelmed, tired, postpartum…and baring it all online. This perfectly curated mama was sharing her pain…and she quickly felt the love and support from an entire network of women who had her back – me included.

I watched Kaylee come back from a difficult time with grace and determination – and when I hit a rough patch with my own mental health last year, I was reminded from Kaylee’s story, that I also had the strength to push through. She likely has no idea of the impact she’s had and continues to have on many women… just by being herself. I’m incredibly grateful to have met her, and I think you’ll enjoy “meeting” this fabulous woman as well!

The Podcast:

Imposter Sisters was recorded at The Mellow Mug coffee shop which is near and dear to our hearts. A huge shoutout and thanks to Marquessa and her team for being the sweetest supporters and serving up the best drinks and treats.

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Please enjoy and be sure to share with the imposters in your life… and once again, welcome to the sisterhood Kaylee!

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  1. Kaylee, your just a spark of joy! Your hosts are amazing too. Keep it up all of you.