Imposter Sisters – Creating a Life She Loves with Jen Meza

It’s Episode Ten of the Imposter Sisters podcast where myself, Colleen O’Dea, and my super-cool friend, Alix Robinson, self proclaimed “fake it ’til you make it” experts, discuss and analyze the ups and downs of feeling like frauds as we navigate through our professional and personal lives! In this week’s episode we chat with entrepreneur, Jen Meza.

Imposter Sister – Jen Meza

When the Pandemic hit, Jen Meza was working her dream job with WestJet while enjoying her side-hustle life as a Lifestyle Influencer. Suddenly, everything changed leaving Jen, and many others, figuring out their next steps. Jen didn’t sit back for long. Her first project was creating the Our Best Nova Scotia journal which soon became a #1 best seller! Jen then launched a weaving company, ran vision board workshops, upped her game as an Influencer, and started taking on clients to manage their social media accounts – somethings she is incredibly talented at as evidenced from her own social media at Settling For Great.

Jen didn’t let the setbacks pull her down, she used the force to propel herself further to chase an entrepreneurial dream that was lurking inside her all along.

On this episode of Imposter Sisters, we chat about how she did it, and the advice she has for others when facing change.

Even More about Jen

Jen and I met a number of years back and I’m so pleased she’s in my network of friends. I’m always drawn to her when we attend events or conferences together as she’s genuine and completely down-to-earth. As a friend, Jen is quick to offer kindness and support and I’m so happy she’s in my corner. With one look, Jen makes me laugh as she somehow manages to get in my head and know what I’m thinking…if you watch our YouTube video, you’ll see what I mean!

As an influencer, Jen is incredibly professional and able to seamlessly instill the brands she’s working with into her daily life. She’s a mom of two busy kids and her family life shows so well on social as Jen keeps it authentic… the ups, the downs, and everything in between. It’s no wonder that so many brands are happy to join forces with her. This girl’s the real deal!

The Podcast:

Imposter Sisters was recorded at The Mellow Mug coffee shop which is near and dear to our hearts. A huge shoutout and thanks to Marquessa and her team for being the sweetest supporters and serving up the best drinks and treats.

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Please enjoy and be sure to share with the imposters in your life… and once again, welcome to the sisterhood Jen!