East Coast Momma Collective…awesome moms…

“So, you’re the author” and “What’s your book about” I heard repeatedly throughout the day on Saturday.

I was attending the East Coast Momma Collective’s Spring Fair at St. Mary’s Boat Club. A gathering of Mompreneur’s who were all in one place…to sell everything from cupcakes to onesies and everything in between.

I was plugging my book, Full Speed Ahead.

“It’s about the chaos of being a woman…trying to do it all…rushing from the rink to the barn…trying to be a good mom, a good friend, a good daughter…it’s about feeling like you’re failing miserably at everything but then realizing you’re doing just fine…that we’re all in this together…all just trying to do our very best to raise healthy, happy kids.”

(It’s also about divorce…accepting change and moving forward when your life falls apart! But I didn’t want to tell them about that part!)

On Saturday, I was surrounded by this beautiful collection of Moms and I just wanted to give this huge shout out to the universe with a “HEY LOOK AT US!!!” Check out all of the women supporting one another. Look at these amazing talented Mom’s who are running on lack of sleep and their very last nerve while at the exact same time…chasing their dreams, trying to make a bit of money on the side while running their very own businesses making beautiful cards, wonderful soaps, healthy snacks and colorful toys. Check out these Mom’s who are doing it all!

As women supported and encouraged one another’s endeavours throughout the day…I stood back and took stock for a moment. It filled me with a sense of “this is what it’s all about!” All of these women just trying to find a little bit of themselves in this chaotic world we live in. Supporting one another, listening to one another’s stories, offering encouragement and advice…it felt so awesome to be part of it!

The East Coast Momma Creative Spring Fair was an absolute blast! I’ve been out of the “baby and toddler” phase for a while now so as women arrived with everything from their pregnant bellies, to newborns and wee ones wrapped close to their chests, to toddlers with wide-eyed wonder…I felt the old momma heartstrings begin to pull as my arms ached to hold a baby once again! Much as I’m thrilled to be past many stages of raising young ones and thrilled that my kids even survived let alone turned out well…there was a part of me…who wanted a do-over. I wanted to know then…what I know now.

However, that’s not how life works.

On Saturday, I just wanted to cheer everyone on! To keep doing what they’re doing…to keep trudging through the tough times with their heads held high…to keep patting one another on the back and telling each other how great we all are.

Because…if there’s one thing I know it’s this…life is about change. Things happen in an instant that can alter the way you wanted things to be. But, if you’ve a solid foundation…if you’re surrounded by people who support and love you…then you can get through anything. Life has a funny way of catching us off guard at the very moment you think you have everything under control.

Surround yourself with people who want only the best for you and you’ll realize that sometimes…life turns out even sweeter than you dreamt it to be. Sometimes, you really can…do it all!


Check out these amazing Mom’s who are doing it all. Raising kids…running around like chickens with their heads chopped off…and showcasing their amazing talents at the very same time!

2 Replies to “East Coast Momma Collective…awesome moms…”

  1. You really have a way with words!

    I had planned on going on Saturday with my NS BFF, but we tried a Hot Yoga class that morning and then, due to a ridiculous series of events, it was too late.

    Was it mostly “baby” stuff?

    I wanted to come get a book and have it signed. I’ll be at your next thing. I swear!

    • There was lots of baby stuff but there was lots of other stuff too. Maybe 1/2 and /2 There were some very creative people selling some great things. Glad I had heard about it through this blog actually. Was worth the trip down to the arm on a sunny day 🙂