Sunday wrap-up #7…coming out of #Holiday mode, feeling like Shrek and what’s ahead for 2015…

What do you mean I didn’t write anything this week so there’s really no need for a Sunday Wrap-up? I…it’s just that…well, I planned on it…and then…ummm…here’s how the week went…


NOT. ONE. POST. But…the week before, I wrote a whole bunch so that counts for something…right?

On December 20th, I threw myself into #HolidayMode with the help of Telus…in fact, Telus even sent me an awesome phone case to remind me of my challenge to lay down the devices and spend some time with the family!


And we did. A great many days of hanging out, cuddling, board games, visits, long chats and much-needed time together.

Quite frankly, I’m ready to come OUT of #HolidayMode…but I can’t seem to figure out where I put my other phone case so, until that happens, it’s possible there won’t be many posts!

For ten days, I blogged about nothing whatsoever in my attempt to recover and refresh from a crazy year. And then…I introduced you to my neighbour, Kathy…December’s #KIAWorkingMom. This post was read and shared MULTIPLE times…ALMOST making it one of my Top 5 Posts of 2014…which is a testament to how many people love and adore my friend! I’m lucky to have her in my life…she truly is one of the most amazing people…and one of the hardest working mom’s I know.

What did make the Top 5 posts? Well, I wrote about it here…just click on the link (or any of the other links I’m referencing in this post) to read what you may have missed and to see what kind of posts you people love the most!

So…why haven’t I been writing this week? Well, I started to talk about it in a post I called The Day My Son Drove a Wrench up My Nose…which is about a day my kid drove a wrench up my nose! You see, I’ve got some issues going on with my sinuses. On Tuesday, I visit the specialist but in the meantime, I’ve been on a medication that I was warned would probably make me feel a little sick. And…let’s just go with a WHOLE LOT OF SICK! Like, constant nausea and a feeling of just being unwell. So…in the times that I’d normally sit down to write, I’m napping…or watching TV…or reading. Something had to give this week…and blogging took the brunt of my not feeling all that great.

On the bright side…everything that’s wrong with me is fixable and the doctors are moving on all of it quite quickly now that they know what’s wrong…and I hope to feel much better very soon. (Plus the medication I’m on that’s making me feel so awful ended yesterday…so, YAYYYY!)

Also…I discovered this awesome super-hero mask that when heated…is freakin’ amazing!


Prior to this week of non-blogging, I also wrote a post about my 2014 Year in Pictures…so check that out (you might even spot a famous person or two among the pics)…and…then The Tall Blonde went back to France and I wrote about getting Kisses When You Least Expect Them….which made me feel completely better about my kid being in France.

And then…all hell broke loose in France.

BUT…before we talk about that…

Along with the blog going into #HolidayMode…we also took a few weeks off from #ECMChat and came back this Wednesday to talk about RESOLUTIONS! I’ll be COMPLETELY HONEST with you…I didn’t think too many people would show up. I mean, I know we had a little momentum going with the lead up to Christmas and all of our holiday chats…I just kind of thought that with the New Year upon us, we’d probably have to work a bit to build up to where we left off but NOPE! You people showed up to the chat as if you were waiting for us! We had a great time conversing about making and breaking resolutions and someone even won a month-long membership to GoodLife. Check out their #Beganuary challenge…and you might just win a trip to JAMAICA!

Also…if you haven’t yet, be sure to follow East Coast Moms on Facebook for upcoming topics and giveaways and join us on Twitter on Wednesday nights.


It felt FANTASTIC to be back at work!

On Monday, I gathered up my things and attempted to head downstairs in what would be the start of a spectacular year…but the thing is, the house was still a wreck from Christmas and I couldn’t think past the chaos.

I put my plans aside and boxed up Christmas, cleaned up the house, and spent the day organizing and doing a few loads of laundry.

Tuesday is when it all began. To start…I took a large piece of paper that covered my desk in its entirety…then, I planned out my year using fancy coloured sharpies and post-it notes. My daily schedule…my Goals for Drawbridge and Curtains…a Visual Business Plan of how it all fits together.

Wednesday…the work began. One task after the next started showing up on my To-Do List…I tied up a few loose ends and started the planning stages for a few new projects.

Next week will be even busier as the reality is…I didn’t put in a full work week this week while I wasn’t feeling all that well. I’ve much to do…and I’m really feeling excited about 2015!


Back to what’s been going on in France.

As a mom of a kid who lives 300 kilometres from Paris…I panicked a little this week. I had a live newsfeed running on my computer and watched several hashtags on my Twitter feed for hours on end. As well…I stayed in touch with my daughter who, along with the colleagues at the school where she teaches, has quite a challenge ahead as they try to work with kids from grades 7 to 12…who surely are feeling a great amount of apprehension and fear.

I know how they feel.

On Wednesday evening, a few of my friends popped by for a couple of glasses of wine and a little company but for the most part…it was a fairly quiet week as far as socializing went.

Spiderman had a hockey tournament, Bones’ volleyball began for another season…I drove them everywhere they needed to be and…I may or may not have worn this Shrek hat.


This week…I wasn’t quite up to snuff. Despite a great desire to get the year started off with a big bang…if kind of, instead, fizzled out in a bit more of a poof. But luckily, Monday comes again…I get a do-over and with any luck, I’ll soon find the energy to get off the couch and turn all of the things inside of my head into action…instead of just thought!

Here’s hoping this week turns out to be a little bit better…as I’m heading into 2015…with a great amount of excitement for a fabulous year!