2014…the year in photos…

My friend Laura, at Mommy Miracles, challenged me to post a year in recap…using photos that represented each month in 2014!

Well, here it is. 2014 was FULL of adventures and these photos capture just a small part of it.

This year, my Dad turned 70 in what would turn out to be a month of family visits, sing songs and fabulous food. The Tall Blonde and I headed to Cuba for a week of sun and mom and daughter time as we also celebrated her graduation from St. FX…and a bit of much needed time knowing she was headed to France in September for a year position teaching. Bones entered a few riding competitions and added a couple of ribbons to her bedroom wall…but riding this year was interrupted as she made the Provincial Volleyball Team and spent a ton of time in the courts this summer. Spiderman had his first summer job, spent his time in the gym and on the ice and took a position for the second year on his High School team…currently in second place on the team in points and….ummmmm…first in penalty minutes. (*She types with head hung low!)

For me...three companies I’m incredibly proud of (also three kids I’m incredibly proud of), another Best of the Coast award for “Best Blogger” to add to my bathroom wall, 116 blog posts with a sentimental Top 5 for 2014…a full year of building my businesses, getting my name out there, learning new things, working with fantastic clients…the ability to be creative on a daily basis…what more can I ask for!

Here’s to 2014…a year in pictures…


I’m excitedly anticipating what’s ahead for 2015!


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2 Replies to “2014…the year in photos…”

  1. Love this! Great photos. And what a good year YOU had. I’m proud of all you’ve accomplished! 🙂