The top 5 posts of 2015…


It’s baffling to think that 2016 has arrived! Time flew this past year and I’m resolved to find a little more balance in the coming days and months…find a bit more time to write, spend time with friends…do a bit more of the things I love.

Of the nearly 100 posts I wrote this year (another 100 in drafts that I never got finished)…here are the Top 5 Posts for 2015…


70 Things We Love About You

So, just like in 2014, 70 Things We Love About You continued to be my most popular post in 2015 and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up! If you recall, I designed a piece with “70 Things We Love About You” for my Dad’s 70th birthday…a collection of lovely stories and comments from family members. I’d been giving away the template to anyone who asked for it on my blog and Pinterest and then, halfway through the year, I started offering to make custom pieces. Honestly, it’s been an awesome addition to my income!

After discovering that a few people were selling my original piece on Etsy, I opened my own Etsy shop and began selling my work from there as well. (The other folks have stopped selling my piece after a few polite emails.) It’s my goal, in 2016, to offer more original pieces just as soon as I find a little time to make a few things! (For example, check out the Gallery Wall I made in my family room!)


17 things I want my son to know on his 17th birthday

Overnight, Spiderman turned from a boy to a man. I blinked…and there it was. As he turned 17, I wanted to write a post to reflect the things I’ve taught him…17 things I want him to remember. It took FOREVER to write and has been one of the most popular posts with folks telling me all the time how they printed it off or read it to their kids. I’m proud of this post.

I watched a video recently about teaching our boys to change the way they speak about girls and I’m determined more than ever to continue to educate my son (and any other boys that frequent my home) to be good, kind, caring young men…who treat women with respect and admiration.

Recently, there was a small incident with a couple of Spiderman’s friends where something was said…that I got wind of on social media…that should never have been said. I was mad…and called them out on their behaviour. Both boys involved came to me on their own and apologized…with REAL honest to goodness heartfelt apologies. They knew what they’d said had been wrong and disrespectful…and they wanted to make sure that I knew how bad they felt and that they’d learned from their mistake no matter how uncomfortable they felt telling me. I was never more proud of two young men for stepping up and making amends.

It shows much hope for our future.


I was fat shamed by a four year old’s mother

UGH…I was fat shamed by a four year old’s mother is a reminder to me that not everyone out there is nice. I wrote the post…a little uneasy about putting myself out there…and then it took off. But, in the most heinous of ways. While I received love and support from folks who follow “Curtains” and those who know me, suddenly, I was getting tons of hate comments as it had been picked up on a website for a group of people who make fun of overweight people. I was being raked over the coals as the blog post was picked apart and the comments were unbelievably cruel. I couldn’t stop reading them and with each one…I hurt that much more.

I followed it up with a post called Sticks and Stones as, for the first time, I was faced with on-line bullying and the realization of how awful it is for our children…many of whom face this kind of abuse every single day!

Unfortunately, it’s rather changed the way I write and I’m hoping to fix that in 2016. I have more unfinished posts in draft than ever before…and while there was a time I was ok with being vulnerable and putting myself on the line…now I fear the judgement a bit more than I had before. I second guess myself…I delete more…I don’t post. I hope I can change that as I don’t really feel my authentic self at the moment and that’s part of what Curtains is about…opening them up and letting you see inside. Here’s hoping I can find my way back.


For my friend

There’s not much more I can say about losing a friend…except it hurts. A lot. It leaves you with a feeling of wanting to live your very best life…of living every moment to the fullest…of not letting time pass by.

Val was not a part of my every day life…but she was always there. She was an amazing woman who is missed by so many good people who thought the world of her. I tried to explain it in the post For my Friend…and I’ve tried to make a few changes on how I live my life.

I believe that Val’s passing is the biggest reason why I want to find balance this year…to spend more time with my friends and family and less time worrying about things I can’t change. It’s also the reason I plan on doing a bit more volunteering this year…Val was very quick to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. She was one of the good ones.

The very best ones.


Marni Tuttle #KIAWorkingMom

And speaking of amazing women, I met Marni Tuttle this year through my KIA Working Mom series of posts. Marni is a wonderful woman, finding that balance and living her very best life. I’ve met some great working moms through working with KIA and look forward to introducing you to many more.

KIA has been great to work with and this Christmas, we did a fabulous Jammie Drive that brought in 270 pairs of Pyjamas for the folks at Adsum House and Shelter NS.

Make sure to follow O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth on Twitter and/or Facebook to see all of the wonderful things they continue to do in our community!


AND…that would be my Top 5 Posts of 2015!  Like last year, filled with heart…showing that my readership is full of wonderful people…all working towards being kinder, happier, caring people.

I wish you Peace and Joy in 2016. That you’re surrounded by the love of family and friends…and that you find a little bit of balance, in this increasingly busy world.

2 Replies to “The top 5 posts of 2015…”

  1. Loved each of those and benefitted from your generous sharing of the 70 Things! Brought my dad to tears! Was a wonderful experience for him!
    Thank you x70!!!

  2. I love your post and design for the 70 things we love about you. If you are still doing it, I’m trying to create something similar for my father’s 65. Will you share the fIle so I can use the formating?

    Love your stuff! Happy New Year!