Wish List Wednesday (Week 4)

About this Post: For ten Wednesdays leading up to the holidays, I’ll share with you some of my favourite things (ala Oprah Winfrey) in these “Wish List Wednesday” posts. Click on the links where you can purchase online, or visit their shops where they’d be delighted to see you! All products come from local businesses, that have surely felt the sting of this pandemic. Be sure to visit them, and follow them on social media. If you have a shop you think I should feature, please send me a message.

Week 1Week 2  and Week 3 of Wish List Wednesdays have been fantastic. I really and truly appreciate your clicking on the links and checking out the fabulous offerings from these Atlantic Canadian businesses.

Here goes Week 4 as I showcase some of my favourite things and find something cozy, something shiny, something to wear, something tasty, something that makes me smile, and something for the home.


There’s something about filling your walls with beautiful art that makes me feel like I’m receiving a massive HUG!

I’m a fan of Sarah Jane Conklin’s works (I wrote about her in this Women who Create post) and happily, have two of Sarah’s pieces that bring me a great amount of joy.

Made in the Maritimes carries art from fabulous local artists including Sarah Jane. Check them out online to see fabulous gifts made right here, in the Maritimes. Then visit them on Facebook and Instagram to fill your newsfeed with lovely items!


Dorothée Rosen has been creating beautiful jewellery in her studio in Halifax for years. Whether she’s designing a custom piece, repairing, or re-creating from a vintage piece that’s special to you…Dorothée’s work is truly unique.

Check out the pieces in her online shop or on Instagram, visit one of the many galleries that carry her pieces, or book an appointment for a consultation.

Because…who doesn’t love a piece of jewellery in the toe of their stocking on Christmas morning?!


Through the years of my children playing Hockey and Volleyball, a number of local bars and restaurants have helped with sponsorship and fundraising.

Please consider ordering take-out for a holiday game night with your family, purchasing a gift card for someone on your list, or visiting one of these restaurants that have been so fantastic to me through the years.

Boston Pizza, 2 Doors Down, Local Jo Cafe, Lower Deck, Efes Turkish Cuisine, The Shawarma King.


If you’re looking for something a little fun around the Christmas table this year, how about a GURGLE POT!

We’ve been using ours for years and every time we pour water into our glasses and it gurgles…it causes a great amount of giggles.

Truly a unique gift for anyone on your list…in multiple colours for any decor.

You can find this fish-shaped water jug at Sweet Janes in Halifax…along with quite a number of fun gifts and gift baskets. Visit them at their online shop or on Instagram for lots of ideas.


East Coast Lifestyle has certainly made a name for themselves in this part of the world (and beyond!)

Not only do they make fantastic clothing, they’ve recently added Rum Soda AND Potato Chips to their brand!!!

Make sure to follow East Coast Lifestyle on Instagram to stay up-to-date on all of the wonderful things they’re doing in our community…and check out their online store.


The holidays have arrived at Thornbloom (on South Park in Halifax) as well as their sister store Hammock (in Sunnyside Mall in Bedford.)

If you recall, a toppled crane in Halifax rendered the Thornbloom store absolutely useless last season…and now, with Covid…they’ve been hit with a double whammy!

Make sure to visit their stores for beautiful household furniture and accessories as well as the very best holiday ornaments EVER!

Visit their online shop for larger pieces…but make sure to follow them on Instagram or pop into one of their stores to see all of the amazing giftware and holiday decor. This is an absolute favourite shop of mine and I’ll be in to get my annual ornaments soon!


While I’m happy to support local businesses, I’d be super happy to have your support as well!

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This holiday, ask your family to share their favourite holiday memories, foods, stories, and traditions…and I’ll help you put together a customized piece that will be treasured for years to come. More than any time…we all want to feel connected when we aren’t able to be together.

Visit my Etsy shop to order a customized print for the holidays, or take a peek at the custom birthday, wedding, and baby shower gifts. AND, be sure to follow my graphic design shop on Instagram at Drawbridge Creative , or my blog on Instagram at Queen of Curtains.


And that’s another wrap! Head back up through the post and click on all of the links to peruse around the shops to find the treasures I suggested and some others you’re likely to find. It’s so important that we help out local businesses as we head into the holiday season as 2020 has surely been tough on so many entrepreneurs!

Happy Shopping!

PS – If you have a local shop you think I should know about…please send me a message and I’ll check them out.

PPS – All photos have been shared from the individual business websites or social media accounts…and link back to their sites.

PPPS – When you’re done clicking through this post and visiting all of their online shops, head over to the Week 1Week 2  and Week 3 posts for even more holiday inspiration!

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  1. Hey Thanks for the Shout-out, Colleen!
    As a small, woman-owned business handcrafting right here in Halifax, it really means a lot when someone is willing to spread the word.
    I’ve been enjoying your blog! Oh, and my second toe is also longer than my first 😉
    Take good care & stay safe!