Wish List Wednesday (Week 5)

About this Post: For ten Wednesdays leading up to the holidays, I’ll share with you some of my favourite things (ala Oprah Winfrey) in these “Wish List Wednesday” posts. Click on the links where you can purchase online, or visit their shops where they’d be delighted to see you! All products come from local businesses, that have surely felt the sting of this pandemic. Be sure to visit them, and follow them on social media. If you have a shop you think I should feature, please send me a message.

Week 1Week 2Week 3 and Week 4 of Wish List Wednesdays have been so well-received! I really and truly appreciate you clicking on the links, sharing my posts, and checking out the fabulous offerings from these Atlantic Canadian businesses.

Here goes Week 5 as I showcase some of my favourite things and find something cozy, something shiny, something to wear, something tasty, something that makes me smile, and something for the home.


Do you know what completely warms me up and gives that that sense of “cozy”…the most wonderful hug imaginable? It’s HOME. The people. The places. The amazing creativity that surrounds us.

The Nova Scotia Community Haul subscription box is that warm Nova Scotia hug we all need…arriving straight to our mailboxes and filled with local products and services…from the fabulous people in our community.

Take November’s box for example:

So…how does it work?

You have your choice of purchasing a box each month (with no fee to cancel) or, jump on for the long haul and sign up for the year (again, with no fee to cancel).

Nova Scotia Businesses get the support they need during this time and the best part…the IIWK gets much-needed funds ($5 from every box, every month)…and that’s a major win for parents and children in our community.

Visit the Nova Scotia Community Haul website for more information…or visit them on Instagram.

What a fabulous gift to give to someone…rather like receiving a stocking from home…every single month, all year long!


Looking for shiny? How about a glance in the mirror to the most fabulous shiny hair imaginable…from the fabulous folks at The Parlour!

Make an appointment for a colour and cut to get the holiday season started off right…and make sure to book one of their AMAZING BLOW OUTS where I promise…you’ll leave feeling like a million bucks and looking like even more!

Along with being a fabulous place to get your hair styled, The Parlour has all of the hair care products that you’ll need AND, they sell some fabulous accessories (like sunnies and mask chains) perfect for stocking stuffers…or just for you!


One of my favourite bloggers and instagram accounts to follow is Tuckamore Homestead…a quaint farmstead tucked away on the island of Unama’ki, Cape Breton.

Not only is Samantha a huge cheerleader in my life…she makes THE MOST delicious honey you can imagine…from the bees she so lovingly takes care of.

Visit their shop to see all of the wonderful products made on the farm, read Samantha’s blog, and be sure to follow on Instagram.


One thing I greatly enjoy…FUNNY CARDS…both buying and receiving (hint hint…!)

Halifax Paper Hearts has plenty to choose from! Plus…they’ve opened shop in a BRAND NEW location in Halifax’s North End (formerly the Newfoundland Store).

I’m heading in next week for a visit…mostly to take a peek at some cards to send to loved ones…but also because Stephanie and her side-kick Amy are simply a delight!

OH…and if you can’t make it into the shop, check out their carousels in all of the Sobey’s locations across Nova Scotia (in the floral departments.)

Make sure to follow on Instagram and check out the stories of the hardest working entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet!


My friend Crystal is a cat-loving, seaglass collecting, oyster eating, PHENOMENAL entrepreneur who really knows how to brighten your day through her Instagram stories…and how she chooses to live her life.

Visit her blog for inspiration, and check out her Sandy Toes shop on Instagram.


Are you waiting for a sign? Well wait no longer!

Holly, the blogger behind Holly’s Housewife Life (and another one of my blogger friends), has been making the most wonderful signs.

If you’re looking to add a bit of holiday charm to your outdoor (or indoor) decor…look no further!

Follow Holly on Instagram and place an order for one of her festive designs!


While I’m happy to support local businesses, I’d be super happy to have your support as well!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is christmas-1024x683.jpg

This holiday, ask your family to share their favourite holiday memories, foods, stories, and traditions…and I’ll help you put together a customized piece that will be treasured for years to come. More than any time…we all want to feel connected when we aren’t able to be together.

Visit my Etsy shop to order a customized print for the holidays, or take a peek at the custom birthday, wedding, and baby shower gifts. AND, be sure to follow my graphic design shop on Instagram at Drawbridge Creative , or my blog on Instagram at Queen of Curtains.


And that’s another wrap! Head back up through the post and click on all of the links to peruse around the shops to find the treasures I suggested and some others you’re likely to find. It’s so important that we help out local businesses as we head into the holiday season as 2020 has surely been tough on so many entrepreneurs!

Happy Shopping!

PS – If you have a local shop you think I should know about…please send me a message and I’ll check them out.

PPS – All photos have been shared from the individual business websites or social media accounts…and link back to their sites.

PPPS – When you’re done clicking through this post and visiting all of their online shops, head over to the Week 1Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 posts for even more holiday inspiration.