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In no particular order…here are a few of my more popular posts.

The Grass is Always Greener
A divorce rant… on weeds… and how to keep them off your lawn!

My acceptance into school and inevitable end of my days as a stay-at-home mom which had me a little less than impressed.

Hindsight is twenty twenty
Spending my days back at school with twenty-somethings had me wishing I knew back then… what I know right now!

My Un-anniversary
A post about the day…that’s no longer a celebration of the day I was married.

My fear of Ouija boards… and the discovery of one outside my bedroom door.

How my son got his name.

They said Coyote not Cougar
My first attempt at fighting down the “cougar” rumors! (I’ve since given up!)

The tragic death of my daughter’s friend to suicide.

The day I thought my divorce was finalized… though in the end it didn’t happen for a few more months… but whatever!

Wah Wah Wah
Too tired to lift my head… I spilled my guts in a major rant in my attempts to get a few “poor you” comments on my blog. (And I got a Lasagna!)

My Friends are Crazy… Period
A ridiculous night with my friend Crazy in an embarrassment of foolishness!

Growing up not so OK
Why I’m not fit to have “the talk” with my children.

Are you Mom Enough
Written in response to the TIME article – you know, the one where she’s breastfeeding.

Stalk and Ambush
My plan for finding that elusive man!

Hello City
How we’re too busy checking our cellphones to enjoy the music.

The Drawing Room
The reveal of my new office (there’s also posts on painting furniture and re-upholstering chairs!

Stick People Family
My love/hate relationship with the stick people stickers!

Leading the Way
A hockey mom story…how I’m incredibly proud, but also…kinda freakin’ scared all the time!

10 Things I Want in a Man
Give of take a few!

Caring Court
The street I live on…and those who mean the world to me.

Jordan Boyd JD#17
A sad post, on the loss of a fine young man.

Rehtaeh Parsons
Rape…a discussion I never thought I’d have with my children.  And sadly, how I had to do it again! You have a Voice

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