Wish List Wednesday (Week 7)

About this Post: For ten Wednesdays leading up to the holidays, I’ll share with you some of my favourite things in these “Wish List Wednesday” posts. Click on the links where you can purchase online, or visit their shops where they’d be delighted to see you! All products come from local businesses, that have surely felt the sting of this pandemic. Be sure to visit them, and follow them on social media. If you have a shop you think I should feature, please send me a message.

It’s WEEK SEVEN of the Wednesday Wish Lists and as we’ve just come through the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days…I’ve been so impressed with the number of people who are using the links in these weekly posts to SHOP LOCAL when you’re able (though understandable…it’s not always doable!!)

THANK YOU…to each and every one of you who are sharing these lists and using them to help with your holiday gifting this year.

Here are my Week 7 picks…as I showcase some of my favourite things and find something cozy, something shiny, something to wear, something tasty, something that makes me smile, and something for the home.


With all of the chaos and craziness going on in the world these days, it’s sometimes hard to settle your brain and feel cozy in your own skin.

DOODLE LOVELY to the rescue…offering books to help you calm your creative mind…and doodle!

Follow them on Instagram and check out their products online…the absolute perfect gift for the creative person in your life!


When I grew up, makeup wasn’t ANYTHING like it is now and I have to admit, if it’s not Robin’s Egg Blue…then I don’t have a sweet clue how to apply it! From the perfect eyebrows, deep contours, and bright highlights…I’m at a loss. It’s TRICKERY…downright magic!

Vicky, of Vicky Mina Makeup, knows how to make you shine especially with her brand new all-in-one face palette complete with bronzer, blush, and highlight…just perfect to help you achieve that enviable glow!

AND…if you’re looking for even more shine…Vicki collaborated with Ozlem at House of Moda (featured in last week’s Wednesday Wish List) to create this beautiful Byzantine coin necklace. Head to the House of Moda website to order yours.

Follow Vicki on Instagram or visit her website to learn more about her products. OH…and in case your wondering, she also teaches folks how to put on their makeup (you know, in case you need to update your 80s look!)


If you’re looking to have all (or some) of your holiday baking done by somebody else…check out “Not your Mother’s Kitchen” on Instagram, or visit their website to see their holiday offerings!


Is it a coffee bar? A gift shop? An AirBnB? Selby’s Bunker is ALL THREE! Located in Cole Harbour, Selby’s Bunker is filled with treasures, plus, THEY MAKE REALLY AWESOME TREATS!!

I’m rather smitten with these mugs, and the Sarah Duggan prints, but check out these HILARIOUS (and risque) Inner Voice Bangles that hide what you’re really thinking…on the inside!

Visit their shop online, book an appointment to visit…and make sure to follow on Instagram.


When Covid hit, Canadian designer Lisa Drader Murphy, hit the pavement running and immediately set to work researching and designing masks.

The end result…a lightweight, double-layered, moisture-resistant fabric with adjustable straps for a snug fit…also with an opening to add a filter for even more protection.

Check out her masks as well as her fashion designs online, and follow her on Instagram.

AND…on another note altogether, I wrote a post last week about the just-released book, We are Unbreakable. Lisa and I are two of the 22 contributors. Pick up a copy through Amazon (affiliate link)…the perfect gift for the resilient woman in your life!


The VERY BEST thing “for the house” this year…is someone to actually CLEAN THE HOUSE!

Check out Maid 4 U on Instagram or on their website…and treat yourself to a freshly cleaned home SINCE WE SPEND SO MUCH TIME IN THEM NOW!!!


While I’m happy to support local businesses, I’d be super happy to have your support as well!

Visit my Etsy shop to order a customized print for the holidays, or take a peek at the custom birthday, wedding, and baby shower gifts. AND, be sure to follow my graphic design shop on Instagram at Drawbridge Creative , or my blog on Instagram at Queen of Curtains.


And that’s another wrap! Head back up through the post and click on all of the links to peruse around the shops to find the treasures I suggested and some others you’re likely to find. It’s so important that we help out local businesses as we head into the holiday season as 2020 has surely been tough on so many entrepreneurs!

Happy Shopping!

PS – If you have a local shop you think I should know about…please send me a message and I’ll check them out.

PPS – All photos have been shared from the individual business websites or social media accounts…and link back to their sites.

PPPS – When you’re done clicking through this post and visiting all of their online shops, head over to the Week 1Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, and Week 6 posts for even more holiday inspiration and links to local, online shops!